10 Solutions to Boost Focus

In today’s 24/7 world where you have a constant stream of emails, IM’s, phone calls and evolving digital technology demanding your attention, focus is something many of us sorely lack (and need). We just have a lot of stuff we want to do we believe is worthwhile. There’s never a shortage of interesting things to explore.

Consider this: your brain processes a whopping 11 million bits of information on the average per second. Yet, you can focus on only about 40 bits. Our brains continue to be accustomed to distractions with all the potential diversions competing for our attention.

So how do we boost focus at this difficult time? Here are 10 simple ways:

Set priorities


Note the most important tasks you need to do. Simplify your life by getting those that don’t bring any value out of the way. When you learn to let go of trivial matters, you can be more focus and achieve what’s truly important or beneficial for you. As you list them down, also take note of what can distract you from accomplishing these and what you can do to avoid them.



Set a limited period to return calls or check emails instead of allowing them to distract you all day long. Establish gadget-free zones to eliminate distractions.

Take a breather


A brief walk outside refreshes the mind and gets it back on focus. As you do so, take long, deep breaths to deliver better supply of oxygen and blood to your brain and boost concentration.

Use music as aid


If you’re too anxious or excited, slow down and relax with soothing music.  Whereas if you’re getting bored, listen to upbeat music. Here’s further information on how you can use music to improve your focus.

Get adequate rest


Studies indicate that most of the time, inadequate deep sleep is the major culprit for poor concentration.  In addition, research also suggests taking 10-15 minute mid-day power naps can make you more productive and focused the rest of the day.

Find your passion or the meaning in what you’re doing


This is perhaps one of the best ways to let your mind focus naturally and makes it difficult for any distractions to throw you off.

Break large tasks into smaller ones


This can make things seem easier to start. Plus, getting the little things done recharges your focus and motivation along the way.

Maintain an organized environment


A cluttered surrounding easily gives way to a cluttered mindset.

Practice time management


When you have adequate time to do everything you need to do, you can devote more attention to each rather than having to multi-task.

Keep yourself healthy


Regularly exercise to create new neurons essential for sustaining focus and processing information quicker. Consuming brain foods like leafy vegetables and fruits also helps improve concentration. Avoid skipping breakfast. Drink lots of water. Know more about other focus boosting foods here.

Focus isn’t all or nothing. It isn’t something you either have or don’t. Rather, it’s a skill you should constantly cultivate. And just like our muscles, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes and the better you become at focusing.

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