24Slides Day Out: A Blast with a Twist

play saturday

Are you looking for a unique, fun activity for your team while at the same time builds trust and critical thinking among the team members?

Thanks to Reno and Fero who planned last Play Saturday’s activity—we had just that: a blast with a twist!


24Slides Play Saturday




Do you recall the time you used to play “Who done it?’’ games? Well, this time we took these mystery games up a notch by playing and guessing in groups.

After sharing a hearty breakfast together, we were divided into 4 groups by the organizers. Fero announced that among the 5 members in each group, there is one spy whose main goal is to ensure the team where he belongs does NOT reach a specific score.

At the end of the game, each team will have to guess who among their team members the spy is. If they guess correctly, they get additional scores. Otherwise, they lose bigger points and the team of the spy gets a special present.

Prior to the start of the game, each team member was called by Reno privately and given a wristband with a small paper underneath. It indicated whether that member is a spy or participant.

And with excitement filling the atmosphere, the series of mind boggling and physically challenging games began!



Inspired by the Korean reality TV hit-show, Running Man, we divided the games into 3 separate challenges or missions. Here were the rules:

Game 1: Skipping Race


Create your own skipping rope from rubber band. Have two people swing the rope. One other person should jump 10 times. Afterwards, another member should run 100m while holding a flag and then plant the flag at the next post.

The catch: the one team member left doing nothing can distract the other teams to make them fail.

24Slides Play Saturday

Game 2: Smart Quiz


Stand on acupressure floor. A presenter will ask a question. Team members run along the floor then grab a flag before answering the question.

We asked office-related questions like:  Who is the youngest designer? How many stair steps are there to get to the 2nd floor? How many UPS do we have in the office?

The catch: if they answer the question wrong, they will be shot by water gun by the opposing teams.

24Slides Play Saturday

Game 3: Selfie with numbers


Look for number stickers and take selfies on that spot. Upload the photos on Instagram within 30 minutes. The more selfies uploaded, the more points acquired!




The Result


TEAM 1 wins the game! They got the highest score and successfully caught the spy 🙂


24Slides Play Saturday



You too can boost the excitement and challenge in your activities by adding a similar element of mystery to them. It was certainly a welcome change for us from the usual games while equally giving us fun and challenging us both mentally and physically!