24Slides Showtime: Pride of 24Slides

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a star? Shining on a stage among the spotlights, in front of the audience who is looking only at you… sounds like something taken out of your night dreams or fantasies? Not for 24Slides team!

Our Play Saturday proved how creative and talented our designers are. And these talents go beyond just creating animations, videos and icons; we took our skills and interests to the stage by organizing a colorful talent show. Truly fun and exciting!

Backdrop, projector, comfortable sofa, camera and lighting – everything was on a place. We didn’t need anything else to arrange a perfect stage and feel like a real performers. It’s showtime!

You may think: ‘’I’m working in a serious company. Talent-show? This is for kids!’’. Hey, be a bit more optimistic and let’s give ourselves a little credit. After all, Play Saturday is all about fun, relaxing and letting go!

As a team who’ve always known how to collaborate with each other and produce wonderful designs, it wasn’t hard for us to collaborate in an extraordinary way this time: dividing ourselves into 4 teams to perform gymnastics, singing and a mini-drama act.

Through these performances, we were able to express ourselves in areas we strongly feel personally.

Pursuit of sport, art and music all in one? 24Slides portfolio was missing that page, so we gave it a try! And try we did!

We saw each other in a completely different but wonderful perspective. And surprisingly, performances of some of the participants painted a look of awe and wonder on our faces.

We work hard every single day, focusing on presentations and design, design and presentations, over and over again. Change your focus for a while, do something different, socialize and have fun! Believe us, you will come back to your daily routines with a ‘’double-power’’.

As opposed to typical talent shows, ours last Play Saturday wasn’t a competition. Far from it. We were all winners. Courage to show ourselves in completely different roles made us all deserving of the victory.

Nevertheless, if it’s a competitive spirit you prefer, who do you think gave the best performance then?

Take a look at the performance description and the videos and share your opinions below this blog-post. We would love to see your comments!

SKJ Gymnastic



Our first group performance takes you back to the 80’s. Putting funny, colorful and pretty much old-fashioned clothes on, our designers did popular SKJ gymnastics moves. Follow the video.

Sometimes it just feels good to let out, confidently show your stunts and put on a different face of what you normally do in the office, right? No question about that….

Sing à la Bruno Mars



Wearing elegant black outfits, the second group sings the cover and their own version of ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars.

Even without the real Bruno Mars on stage with us, we took this chance to sing our hearts out.

Impressed? Well then you might just agree we’re born to sing! But if not, well, then how about cutting us some slack and trying to appreciate us for “just the way we are’’?  J

Legend of Dewi Songgolangi



Lights, camera, action!

Are you passionate about the folklore or art? Maybe both. This is a video for you then.

Our third group played the comedy-adaptation from the Legend of Dewi Songgolangit. A unique element of the performance was the wearing of Javanese traditional clothes.

A touch of humor, lightheartedness on stage and zealous acting—that’s how our designers-turned- actors for a day demonstrated their Hollywood aspirations!

Sky full of Stars


To add even more awesomeness to the overall performance, we came up with the world’s hit in its acoustic version.

What’s more, the title found a reflection in the purpose of the performance. Our stage this time became filled with individual stars shining with the same power.

The phenomenon of falling stars didn’t appear this time however- so don’t just rely on luck.


Spontaneity, chilling-out and talents… did we express all these during the show? Judge for yourself 😉

And like us, just take some time off from your daily routines once in a while and unleash your creativity through entertaining activities you’ve never publicly done before like this.

Give it a shot and realize how much fun it can bring!