3 Steps to be Grateful of Your Job

It’s a typical scenario: you wake up on a Monday, dreading the thought of going to work for another entire week then almost literally dragging your feet to the office.

But have you heard of how your mindset can change how you feel and hence, how you behave?


Changing your mindset is changing your perspective. And one of the ways to do this is being grateful for what you have—that is, your current job.

Yes, your job! The job you’ve complained about for the past months or even years. The job you’ve been stressing over. But it’s also the same job others are not as lucky to have.

Here are 3 simple steps to have a healthy change of perspective when it comes to your job so that you end up being grateful than grumbling about it:


Think of the less fortunate others.

It’s indeed true: knowing how others are less fortunate can make you feel more fortunate. Be grateful you have a job in the first place compared to those who can’t find ways to make a living.

Also, know there are others out there who might be more skilled than you. Yet, they weren’t lucky enough to do what you’re doing today. This may be due to economic constraints or limited access to similar opportunities.

Think of the less fortunate types of jobs

So you hate it every time you have to encode a bunch of data or do clerical stuff for your boss.

And yet, think of those who work in other areas or do various dirty jobs. Think of those who can only earn by risking their lives in the middle of the ocean or in the face of wild animals. Or those who have to bear foul smell and dirt by digging up sewers just to make ends meet.

If you have a job that’s boring for example, shift your perspective by being thankful of your great co-workers. When you change your outlook, you start seeing how to make your job more exciting and rewarding like helping out your officemates where needed.

Think of what’s fortunate in your job

In line with the previous steps, be grateful to know that your pay check is almost just laid out to you on your desk.

Others toil all day breaking backs and risking lives. You’re lucky to be sitting on your desk in front of a computer and being able to relax at the end of the day, knowing you have a stable stream of income to meet your needs.

It’s only when you learn to be grateful that you can remain GREAT-FUL in what you’re currently doing at work. It’s also when you’re thankful that you continue to attract more of the positive things you’re thankful for.

Change your attitude and realize how exciting it is to always start your day by saying:

I’m thankful for my job and there’s no place I’d rather be!