30 days of honest writing

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For past 30 days I’ve been doing a writing challenge on 750words.com, where I’ve been writing almost every day in August. It’s been journal writing – just getting my thoughts on paper. It’s been a crazy month, my productivity has tripled, and I have been coming up with a lot of good ideas for 24Slides. One the recent ideas was to publish my thoughts about the industry we’re in, the problems, the challenges, where we are taking 24Slides, and probably a lot of other things I don’t know yet :). I have something to say, and most likely also something that people value. But I have never written about it before. Until now.

For the month of September I challenge myself to write on the blog everyday. The goal is to write as transparent as possible about the industry, the business, the team, the future, and the challenges I see. Giving people REAL insight, and showing the honest voice of 24Slides.I expect a lot of good ideas coming out of it + I get a chance to get valuable feedback from readers. If anyone is reading of course :).

James Altucher says that we are all attracted to honesty and transparency. I agree, and I want to pursue this. Saying things as they are instead of making a “brand”. It provides more value. It feels good to tell the truth. I’ve made some basic rules:

  • The goal is to write at least 750 crappy words per day.
  • I will only publish a post when I consider it done. This means I can spend 3 days on a post or 1 day.
  • I will write about things that scares me to publish.
  • I will be as honest and transparent as possible.
  • I will not wait for an editor before I publish anything, so don’t expect pretty grammar and beautiful sentences.

I’m planning to write on 750words.com. The platform works great. It has statistics and interesting word analytics, and gathers data on what and how I write.

If you want to follow the posts I’m going to write, then make sure to follow 24Slides on Twitter, Facebook and/or Linkedin. I will post an update whenever there is a new post up.

Below is a list of the posts I’ve written during the experiment (updated whenever there is a new post up):

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