9 Simple Tips to Make Work Fun and Comfortable

Work isn’t just about showing up in the office everyday. Or just doing what you’re told to do then waiting for your paycheck at the end of the month. Even as you’re working hard, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to make the office a little more fun and comfortable for you.

Here are 9 simple tips to see work less of a “work” and more of something you look forward to doing everyday:

Be open minded. Always be open to new ways of doing things. For instance, just because there’s a new guy in the office doesn’t mean there’s not a thing or two you can learn from him.

Learn to appreciate what others can offer. Never assume you have nothing new to gain from them even if you may be more tenured, educated or hold a higher position. Never assume you’ve learned everything there is to learn even if you’ve been in the company for 5 years or so.

Develop good communication skills. In the world of global technology, many misunderstandings in the work place are linked to poor communication skills.

Keep on learning how to express yourself better. Half of the time, it’s not just what you’re saying that matters. But how you say it.

Take initiative. Being proactive isn’t just to give off a good impression to others. It also demonstrates how passionate and motivated you are with your work.

Be friendly. Make it a habit to compliment at least one person every day. When you start seeing the good in others, you also start feeling good about yourself.

Do not delay work. Habitual procrastination doesn’t just make you irresponsible and indecisive. When you keep making excuses to delay something, others will no longer trust you. They start losing their confidence in your ability to get things done.This can hurt relationships, productivity, opportunities and even career advancement.

By not delaying, you start feeling great about what you’ve accomplished and more ready to take on more challenges.

Beautify your work space. Studies find that a cluttered environment also leads to a cluttered mind. Why go through unnecessary stress and anxiety when you can easily tidy up your work area so you can also organize your thoughts better?

Give opportunity and appreciation of others. Are you familiar with the concept of “crab mentality”? It’s a tendency of others to pull you down when you’re on your way to the top. Envy, greed and pride are common reasons why this is often part of corporate culture (or should I say, politics).

When you limit opportunities others may have due to greed or envy, you only sow negative energy within you that attracts more negative things for you. Give others credit where it’s due.

Pursue your hobby. Of course, I don’t mean playing video games in the office. Or reading novels during meetings. Instead, try to find an aspect of your work which aligns to your interests and what you love doing.

For example, contributing your artistic talents during office events. Or using what you love about games to develop strategies.

Take enough rest. No matter how creative, proactive or friendly you are, none of these tips will matter if you’re not getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep can make you grumpy and unable to focus. Even what seems to be great day will seem gloomy to you.

Sleep has healing and restorative effects. So you can feel more refreshed daily and energized to working on making work always fun and comfortable for you.

At the end of the day, these tips help you gain a win-win situation: you’re more productive making your boss and everyone else happy and you’re more satisfied with what you’re doing and the relationships you build in the office.