9 Ways to Stop Creator’s Block in its Tracks

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When life happens, the most creative people can lose focus. A loss of a client can be disappointing. You can be overlooked for a promotion. It is also easy for us to experience creator’s block when we achieve a high level of success. We can feel stagnant because a comfortable lifestyle can deter us from learning more to be better at our job. So to help you out, here are 9 ways to stop creator’s block in its tracks.

1. Join an Industry Group

You’d be surprised how inspired you can feel in a room of like-minded people. Hearing about how others faced the same challenges you face can provide new perspective. Or an attendee might be able to provide advice on how they overcame stagnancy in their career. Who knows, the  achievements of another could even inspire you to go back to school and take courses to rejuvenate your creativity.

Jump on Google and see if there are any relevant groups in your area and join the one that works for you.

2. Go on a Vacation or Road Trip

The moment you start to feel uninspired, a road trip on a long weekend can help you to release unnecessary stress. Sometimes that’s all we need to get our creativity rolling again. You don’t need to live near the beach or close to the mountains either. Even some time exploring an unfamiliar part of your town can help. Either way, take some time to step outside of your normal environment. It might be the solution to getting you back in your creative space.

3. Write a List of Your Accomplishments

If you prefer to reminisce, take out a notepad or a piece of paper and write all your accomplishments of your career from the beginning to present. A distant memory of an epic design might come to mind and the next thing you know, you’ll be on Adobe re-touching images for a new project.

Put it up at your desk or in your wallet. The next time you feel stagnant, read it to remind yourself of your greatness. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder!

4. Find a Mentor

A mentor in your industry can be hugely valuable. It could be a manager, professor or visible leader in the community. This person can act as a teacher, giving you tips on how to improve or advice on your career. Just remember, the idea of a mentorship relationship is to offer something in return. It can be as simple as keeping them updated in things you learn in your industry circles.

5. Review Your Current Goals

Do you feel motivated at work? Are you happy with your job? If you believe you’re not in the right place in life, it can be a huge discouragement, dampening not only your motivation, but also your imagination. If the answer to both questions is “no,” now is the time to re-evaluate your professional goals.

6. Read a Biography of a Leader You Admire

One of the best ways to become re-motivated is to read the life story of someone in your industry that you admire. Their experiences might open your eyes, inspire you to act and teach you how to overcome setbacks in your life. Read their stories, and hopefully it will ignite a flame of passion in you.

7. Resolve Your Problems

If you have problems at home or in your relationships with colleagues, it can potentially take over your thoughts while at work. You can be a strong-minded person, but even a small argument can make you feel unhappy for an entire day or weeks. Do your best to resolve personal issues to prevent it from affecting the quality of your work.

8. Redefine Your Goal

Sometimes creator’s block is actually just confusion about the goal of your project. It’s not that you can’t come up with anything, it’s that you’re not clear on what you should come up with. Think about what you’re trying to achieve and try to redefine the goal.

9. Work on Another Project

Try switching to another project. Simply putting the thing you’re stuck on and progressing on something else can make you feel like you’re achieving something. That positivity might be all it takes to kickstart your stalled project.


Everyone has ups and downs . The goal is to know what to do when you get stuck. So stop sitting around hitting your head against the wall and start getting some of these tips into practice!



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