Can you help me create logos too?
Tobias Schelle July 20, 2013

can you help me create logos too

Yes, designing logos is definitely something we can do for you as well!

We have professional designers who specialize not only in designing presentations but also in creating logos. The same group of people who design icons and illustrations from our team can also help you conceptualize, design and execute logos. Creating logos after all is a special branch of designing that requires meticulous planning and attention.

What type of logos can you do?

We do different types of logos, depending on your needs. Most corporations want to have new company logos made but we also have the flexibility to create logos for other purposes. You may already have an existing logo that just requires additional polishing like changing the color or adding effects or you may require creating of logos from scratch. We can actually do both.

Whatever your logo needs may be, you can simply indicate this in your briefing when you order. If you have certain logo designs in mind, feel free to send us the relevant link to these logos to help us better understand your needs. Alternatively, we can offer you various options of logos to choose from. Below are some examples of logos we have done for customers in the past:


 How much will it cost to do logos?

Price range for most logos we create is from $30-100 per logo. But generally, the exact cost will depend on the complexity of the logo. Will you require the logo to be 3D, animated or simply flat? Will the logo be created from scratch or simply enhanced with minor changes? If your logo request is made together with a custom task order for slides, then we simply adjust the price accordingly to include the logo creation or design. Just let us know in the brief when you order.

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If you have any questions regarding the creation of logos, please call us at +1 866 527 0019 or email

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