Can you use the graphics from the presentation in other marketing materials?

reuse graphic

Yes, you are certainly free to use the graphics from the presentations we’ve designed and created.

By purchasing the slides, you also enjoy full proprietary rights to use the graphics from them so long as they will not be used commercially. We understand that oftentimes, part of your marketing strategy involves keeping your graphics consistent across all your marketing materials–from your PowerPoint presentation to your logo, flyers, merchandise, banners, letterheads and website.

Accordingly, we have an in-house team who can help you achieve this uniformity in design for all your campaign materials as our team specializes in skills, other than creating PowerPoint slides. This includes designing icons, illustrations, logos, websites, e-books and even basic programming. You can find more detailed information on what-else we can do for your business here.

While you’re open to reuse the graphics from the PowerPoint slides you’ve purchased, we strongly recommend you have these in their original format. Not only can you get the raw source of the graphics for greater ease in editing, we can also add minor adjustments to them depending on your particular need before sending these to you.

If you require the original format of some graphics used in previous presentations we’ve designed for you, you can simply drop us an email. Likewise, send us an email at should you require further assistance on your other sales and marketing needs.