Do You Want To Work Faster?

How many times have you complained that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough? How many times have you worked overtime exhausted, leaving no time for yourself or your loved ones the moment you get home?

We often compensate for this by working faster. The problem is, working faster usually sacrifices our work quality and output. It can also hurt relationships, increase stress levels and health risks.

Instead of working faster the way we know it (i.e. speeding up everything), work faster by finishing your tasks earlier without sacrificing quality, being a slave to time and making you anxious. Here are 8 tips:

Wake up earlier


According to Harvard biologist Christoph Randler, waking up early makes people more proactiveBesides, by waking up early, you’ll have more time to do other non-work related things including exercise. You’ll feel more energetic and enjoy better moods. So yes, early to bed, early to rise does make us healthy, wealthy and wise!


Have a daily plan


A daily schedule helps you recall the many appointments, events or tasks you have to do within a single day. Organize this daily plan in terms of priority or importance.


Keep a to-do list


This is one of my favorite productivity hacks. For small to-do lists, you can just keep them in mind. But for big ones, write them down. To-do lists help you manage your tasks. Making them visible every time can push you to finish these as soon as you can. It prevents procrastination. Besides, isn’t it a nice feeling whenever you get to tick off each task and mark them as “done” one by one?


Recognize your priorities and note them


By recognizing your priorities, you can spend your valuable time on valuable tasks. It’s not only a time management strategy. It also helps you focus on what’s important, leaving you with more time. Ask yourself: Are these important and urgent? Or are they important but not urgent? Put down those unimportant AND not urgent at the bottom of your to-do list.


Learn how to multi-task the right way


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Multitasking is one usual way we try to fit in all our priorities. But we need to do this correctly or the quality of work suffers. To do this, ensure you’re doing simultaneous tasks of different capacities and benefits. Avoid doing 2 or more very difficult tasks at the same time. Multi-task only for routinary, simple tasks which require less concentration.


Work safely and maintain your pace


It’s not enough to just work quickly and efficiently. What’s also needed is to maintain a safe workplace and keep your pace so you can work better. Keep your work area organized and neat so you can easily find things or documents you need at once. Keep a steady pace to avoid careless mistakes that can disappoint your customers, your boss and also yourself.


Take breaks


It may seem ironic that to work faster, you need to take breaks. But, taking breaks isn’t just simply about grabbing a cup of coffee because you’re craving for it. It helps you regain focus and get back to being productive. It gives you an emotional recharge.


Be disciplined


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This is perhaps the most crucial. You can’t get yourself to wake up early, do a daily schedule or leave time for breaks if you’re not disciplined enough. Having self-discipline is key to realizing how your company expects you to behave. It directly puts success right at your hands. We can’t extend the 24 hours in a day. But we surely CAN manage our time well with these tips.


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