Three Major Challenges Solved by 24Slides

It was with great excitement that we launched 24Slides. We have been working on this project for most of 2012.I’ve been working in the presentation business since 2009, and I felt there was significant demand for an online presentation design service. Below I’ve listed three major challenges that we wanted to address, and now do so with 24Slides.

1. Challenge: Ineffective communication

Previously, we used email to communicate back and forth with customers. Email is just not the right tool for this. There were a lot of misunderstandings on both sides. You are communicating about something visual, the communication needs to follow that.

Solution : Communication and review are in the same place. We now upload the slides as pictures, and for each slide there is a comment field, very much like the ones that exist in PowerPoint now. This is just on a shared platform. The communication then goes with each slide. General comments about the presentation can be made at the bottom of the order screen. This has made communication so much clearer.

2. Challenge: Dependence on manual work slowed the turnaround 

Previously, we had to write and send an email every time we needed to notify the customer of something. Reviewing, paying, feedback, etc. It slowed the process a lot. We also had to create a PDF with a watermark and create a manual payment link.

Solution: Automation. All of the above are automated. Emails are sent out when the first draft is ready, when there is a message for the customer, and when the revision is ready. Payment is made at the end, and we automatically ask for feedback. We can now turn a presentation around faster, and will continue to work in this area. We’ve just started.

3. Challenge: No work samples

It’s hard to make a buying decision if you can’t see the product. We had no real examples of the slides we’d made, no examples of what we are really capable of.

Solution: A sample page. We’ve created a simple page where we showcase some of the recent custom slides that we’ve created. Hopefully this will give a more realistic impression of what we can do, and people can base their decisions on them.

This is the first version of 24Slides, and just the beginning. I’m excited that it’s live, and the first couple of customers seem to be pleased with the new system. The team is as well. Many things are now easier, and hopefully this means that we can deliver better and faster.

If you have a suggestion for improvements email me at tobias[at] or post a comment below.