I’m such a failure :)

I set myself a challenge in September – to write everyday about 24Slides. I failed. It sounds scary. Google defines ‘failure’ as ‘lack of success’.  BS.

I decided to write this post because I think we are being brainwashed by ‘success’. All of us tend to only share when we succeed at something. I’m good at this myself. It’s not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is that we don’t talk about when we are not succeeding, since the reality is that we are failing at much more than we are succeeding at. But we’re all hiding that, because we are so focused on what other people think about us.  So when people attempt something and fail, it’s hard to get up again because we think everyone else is succeeding.

Failing means you attempted something, which of course is a 1000 times better than not doing anything. Usually, it also means that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, which is the only way we develop. In this challenge, I did that. I wrote 7 published blog posts, and 4 of them are now saved as drafts. 16 days of writing. 17000 words. Approximately 70 pages. That’s around 16 times better than if I haven’t started the challenge. I wouldn’t call myself a failure because I didn’t write for 30 days straight. learned a lot from it:

  • Writing about 24Slides led to a lot more ideas than I normally get.
  • Most days I was super motivated to work.
  • I learned more more about the industry we are in.
  • People in my network suddenly started to contact me for projects.
  • I was very surprised how long it took to do the editing. Longer than actually writing.

Why I ‘failed’

In the beginning it was not a problem to figure out what to write about. The tank was full. But after a week or so I started to brainstorm on ideas to write about, and thought they were too vague for publishing. In reality, it was me fearing what people might think if I wrote about a topic that might not have the ‘depth’ that I wanted. Fear. A classic 🙂

But this challenge was not about people reading it. It was a challenge for myself. A chance to develop. I wanted to try and open up and just write my honest thoughts down. Whether it was interesting or not, was not the point. But of course it’s hard to not think about how people will perceive the content when you plan to publish it. I guess that’s why half of it ended up as drafts 🙂

What did I learn from the challenge?

I want to write more. It really helps my thinking,  creativity, and productivity. But I also learned that it does take much more time than I thought, especially the editing. It does take away focus from other areas. But it’s worth it, though it might not make sense to do everyday for me.  Moving forward, I want to write more. I will not push myself to write everyday, but rather when I have an idea that I feel is worth writing about.

Cheers to all the ‘failures’ out there 🙂