What presentation technique expert Kenn Ladegaard Hansen thinks of 24Slides

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen

About Kenn Ladegaard Hansen

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen is Denmark’s leading PowerPoint expert. He founded EPO in 2005, a consultancy and training agency that trains companies to communicate in a more effective and convincing way with PowerPoint. Since then, Kenn Ladegaard Hansen has trained more than 5000 people. Previously Denmark’s highest ranking football referee, Kenn uses his experience as a top level-referee to offer world class presentation coaching to top-level executives and many others. In 2016 he penned “TÆND”, a best-selling book containing presentation best practices gathered from more than a decade of research and experience. Visit his website: www.epo.as



“I have seen tens of thousands of presentations in my lifetime. Compared to what I’ve seen, the quality that 24Slides offers is indeed at the very top —both in aesthetic and functional design.”

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen, founder of EPO consultancy and training agency



Kenn Ladegaard Hansen is one of the 24Slides ambassadors. Like 24Slides, he believes in the power of presentations. But unlike 24Slides, his work focuses on presentation delivery techniques and building powerful presentation content. For someone who has built a successful business in teaching executives how to present, does he think presentation design even matters? It appears so. Read his expert opinion on the importance of presentation design in this interview.



You’ve been teaching presentation techniques for more than 10 years. From your experience, how important is presentation design?

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen: “Presentation design certainly goes beyond just thinking ‘does this look good?’. The design supports the content. So to answer your question, presentation design is very, very important in business presentations. Actually, research indicates that a consistent and clear design improves clarity and decision making for the audience. So we should not reduce the importance of design to just a matter of elegance. The design is part of the message.


Who or what is more important: the slide or the speaker?

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen: “The speaker should be more important. But because many presenters do not have the time or skills to make high-end presentation designs, their poor quality slides often decreases their impact as a speaker. In an ideal world, the slides should give the visual keys to understanding the presenter’s verbal explanation.”


How does 24Slides help presenters?

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen: “The problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to make presentations. I have worked with executives, researchers, sales persons etc. who literally spend days creating presentations that, to be quite frank, end up looking ugly. They should have spent their time building a great storyline and leaving the slide design to the experts. 24Slides knows how to do presentations. Their designers know exactly how to visually portray data and information in the best way possible. It’s not only about making pretty graphs and diagrams, it’s about making relevant and functional ones.


You train people in presentation techniques and 24Slides makes presentation design. How does your role relate to ours?

Kenn Ladegaard Hansen: “Needless to say, our roles complement each other. In a lot of ways, I practically share the same goal as 24Slides. Because what I do is to bring out the best in each speaker. Any presenter can achieve that through effective presentation technique and a clever storyline. But we also need a world-class presentation design, which most people do not have the skill set for. Companies save a significant amount of money by outsourcing their presentation design to 24Slides. They produce my slides too, even though I have worked in PowerPoint for so many years. I cannot justify spending my own time on trying to get the design right, when 24Slides can reduce costs and improve the quality to the extent that they do.”


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