Photoshop Hack: Make the best use of your Photoshop

Old habits die hard. Once we’ve started using certain tools or applications and find a certain method works for us, we get used to doing the same process over and over again. For some, they just settle with what’s been the default settings from the start. Eventually, it becomes harder to unlearn old, ineffective processes and learn better ones. We become completely unaware or ignore new ways of doing things. With time, it becomes more difficult to adapt to new changes.

The way we use Photoshop is perhaps one of those instances. You probably have a fixed system or process for using Photoshop to deliver your desired results.  But opening yourself to new knowledge and tips when using it can make your life easier and work more efficient. As you learn new hacks, so can you also make the most out of your Photoshop. And likewise, reap maximum benefits from it.

For starters, here are 3 Photoshop tips:

Clean up your workspace


Close any unused tabs to save space to work on. Yes, Photoshop is a powerful program. But that also means it demands huge amounts of computing power. It eats a big chunk of your computer’s RAM.

A poorly optimized Photoshop application could mean longer processing time especially when working on large documents. And that’s something you’d want to avoid if you have a deadline to meet. Configure your settings to make Photoshop run more efficiently.

Make your own brushes


Did you know you can customize your own brushes to meet your needs just by pressing F5?

Before getting started with Photoshop, we all should have first explored the preferences menu to change settings that fit our personal tastes and needs. But of course, we know that doesn’t happen all the time.

The same is probably true when you first started using brushes.

So by pulling up your brush settings, you can realize that you could make a lot of variations just from a simple brush. You don’t have to experiment with all the brush options. But most professional designers have a small selection of preferred brushes that define their styles and can be used in a lot of creative ways.

Use shortcuts


Shortcuts are your best friends. They’re your life saver especially when you’re pressed for time and have several ongoing tasks at the same time.

Besides, who would rather be clicking on the mouse when you can just press Cntrl+Z or Cntrl+V?

In the same way, it’s easier to press ‘M’ for the marquee tool in Photoshop than having to search for it and click. Or press Shift +Right Click for selecting the Brush mode.

Here are more useful shortcuts to help you work around Photoshop for digital coloring: