Play Satuday : Presenting Color Theme

We often take for granted the colors we see around us. When in fact, colors are not just for artistic or design purposes. They enrich our lives and more importantly, evoke different emotional responses and are used to signify deeper meanings.

So for last week’s play Saturday, our team at 24 Slides focused on this interesting topic of color.


For this activity, our entire team was split into 4 groups consisting of 3 members each. Each group was randomly provided a keyword to work on. The keywords were:  Playful/Cartoonish, Corporate, Stylish, and Minimalist.

Color cards were then given per team and each team had to choose 3 colors that best suit the given keyword.

After which, each group was tasked to find various objects available within the office that we thought matched the keyword given to us. These can range from office supplies like folders, pens and maps to toys like Lego blocks and miniature dolls. These assorted objects were what we called as “essentials”.

Every member in the team then helped to arrange these essentials in a way that likewise represent the specified keyword.  

Once all the essentials were arranged accordingly, every one of us had the opportunity to present and explain.  While doing so, other team members gathered around where they could also provide comments and ask questions.


After each presentation was completed, we captured photos of our essentials and uploaded these on Instagram where you can find them here:

minimalist IMG_20141011_150738 IMG_20141011_144403 corporate

You too can conduct similar activities for your team. Selecting colors and finding items for each keyword theme can stimulate team resourcefulness and a better understanding of the meaning and significance of various colors we usually ignore or take for granted. Moreover, presenting your analyses afterwards allows everyone to verbally communicate the visual relevance each color can bring.