Play Saturday : Paper Me Up

Last May 30, 24Slides explored another creative idea for its Play Saturday activity.

Since every Play Saturday is all about releasing our creativity and combining this with play, here are some highlights which we wanted to apply through this activity:

  1. For many people, it’s not easy to recreate and see themselves in another form. Last month’s activity encouraged just that– whether it’s to make a representation of ourselves, someone we admire, something we like, or something that represents our thoughts.
  2. Creativity and Self-Reflection are among the many attributes which color someone’s personality and makes him unique. True, designers may have the upper hand when it comes to using brushes and creating new forms. However, when it comes to self reflection, not all people have the natural ability to do this, regardless of one’s line of work. Some of the strongest avatars actually came from the Project Managers, armed with their rich background stories.
  3. As we have realized, it’s more than being able to create a beautiful hand-craft but also about being able to paint an accurate reflection of oneself. In the process, everyone was able to interact with other team members, including those whom they don’t usually work with. This allowed us to reveal and get others to observe one’s personal habits, problem- solving abilities, and how we support others.

We’ve selected a plain papercraft to serve as our template.

For this activity, we used tools like scissors, cutter, glue, double tape, ruler, ink markings, acrylic paints, brushes, wrapping paper, and other accessories depending on one’s creativity and resourcefulness. Once all the tools were ready, we set off to unleash our creativity!

We were allocated 6 hours for this activity from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

Yet, although this activity might have seemed quite simple, surprisingly, we needed the whole day to get everyone finish working and taking pictures of their creations!

Here’s our work gallery:


Taka a closer look

Want to create something like this yourself? Like our team members, we hope that this activity will also inspire the artist within you!

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