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Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the premier presentation development programs available for both PC and Mac devices. This program has been part of the office suite for many years and has seen various iterations since its original development. PowerPoint features a host of tools and templates that allow you to create fluid, interesting and professional presentation slides.

PowerPoint Tutorial

Although PowerPoint is a relatively easy program to get to grips with, many people benefit from using PowerPoint tutorials to improve their knowledge of the program and utilize some of its advanced features. There is a host of tutorials available on practically every feature in Microsoft Powerpoint – there is an inbuilt help section within the program, and many companies and bloggers have created in-depth guides to aid your presentation development.

PowerPoint free trial

If you are looking at purchasing a presentation tool but want to sample the program before spending your cash, it is often possible to download a trial version. Free trial versions of Microsoft PowerPoint are available directly from the Microsoft website. This trial version will usually expire after a set period of time unless you purchase the full product/license.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 revolutionized the Powerpoint program and changed its layout to comply with the new style of Microsoft’s office suite. Furthermore, PowerPoint 2010 provides improved design enhancements, navigation, and file sharing options. This version of PowerPoint allows users to create fantastic presentations with ease.

Download Powerpoint 2010 Free

There are numerous outlets where you can download Microsoft PowerPoint – from free trial versions to paid subscriptions or even the Microsoft office suite. Always be careful when downloading a program, check the reputation of the supplier and check the authenticity of the download link/file.

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PowerPoint online free

It is possible to use the Microsoft Office suite including PowerPoint, Excel and Word online for free. Microsoft provides an online service that allows you to use these programs as if you had them downloaded on your own device. All you need is a valid Microsoft account and you can then log in and start using PowerPoint online.

PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 is another iteration of the popular presentation development suite. PowerPoint 2013 brought a comments section that allows users to give direct feedback on the content of a presentation, a selection of pre-defined themes and color schemes, widescreen friendly slides and a touch-enabled interface.

PowerPoint definition

Microsoft PowerPoint is part of the Office suite of programs and allows users to create and display multimedia slides to be used in presentations. The software allows users to add different elements such as images, text, video, and audio and combine them together to create a series of flowing slides. Furthermore, the program features a series of transitions and effects to make your text and objects appear on-screen in a variety of ways.

PowerPoint 2010 download

PowerPoint 2010 is one of the most widely used versions of Microsoft’s presentation development software and it is possible to download this program from a variety of sources. PowerPoint 2010 allows users to create advanced multimedia presentations and it is possible to download a free trial from Microsoft or purchase the full version.

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