Social Activity September 2019 – In Touch with Nature

It’s been a warm September in Indonesia and it seems to be a perfect month for an outing in nature. What better way than to have a picnic and barbeque out in the woods. A refreshing weekend spent in the outback, the 24Slides team in Indonesia had a mini Social Activity at Bedengan campsite. The site chosen is a natural campsite area which is only a 30 minute drive from our office. Throughout the way from city and uphill to the village where Bedengan is located, wide stretches gardens of oranges and a much cool air.

As we arrive at the campsite, the morning breeze was chill and tall trees span the entire woods. There were a few campers around the site which wasn’t a surprise since this place is an area where many people head to camp. The committees have definitely done an excellent job to decorate the area we used for a fun picnic. Colorful and festive, strings of bright colored flags surrounds the area and not to mention there was also a photobooth for us to capture moments with our groups. There was also a mini stage for karaoke and acoustic music set up to for anyone who wanted to come up on stage and sing! Laying on the ground, there was also enough space for us to sit and lay relaxed and enjoy the nice chill air.

Everything is well-prepared

By 9 a.m., people started to arrive and gather into their groups which the committees have set up. We were grouped into twelve groups for barbeque session and for secret gift session, where we receive presents from someone anonymous. First things first, group session photo and also breakfast! It was quite a drive going uphill to the village where the campsite was located, and most of us went by motorcycle, some even took their bikes, so food is a must! 

Everyone was ready to cook! The committee handed out ingredients and tools for us to cook. We had sausage, meatballs, chicken, and some sweet marshmallows to cook. It was a fun barbeque time spent with everyone, but most of all it was nice to have a break and enjoy the fun lunch with people who we normally meet to work, but instead now we cook together in a scene which we don’t often find when we’re back in the office. To get the fun vibes going, we had some special acts performed by our friends from the office. Some volunteered to sing and entertained everyone while the others we’re busy preparing meals for lunch. 

Enjoy your time, enjoy the nature!

It looks like everyone’s busy cooking up a storm and finally food is ready by lunch time! It was also free time, everyone was free to explore the area, enjoy food, or play around the waterstream down by the hill. We took pictures, walked around the area and sat and talked of stories while enjoying our lunch. It definitely was a relaxing weekend being away from the busy routines we normally have. 

Look at all those tasty food

And bring your gift home!

Time passed quickly and it was time to wrap up the fun. We came with presents and it was time for gift swaps! Opening up presents was such fun and exciting. Some had real cool stuffs to bring home, some had cheeky snacks to share and there were funny items too that was gifted as a present. It was all fun and laughs until this last session wrapped up the day. We packed and cleaned up the area and it was time to head back home.

Social activity has always been an activity we’ve all waited for. Whether its a massive or a mini getaway, what matters most is togetherness and that’s what makes it special!