Why I stay up late and how it affects customer happiness

This is the 4th post of my 30 days of honest writing challenge.

Our platform for ordering presentation design is good. The best, actually. But it’s not perfect and never will be. I like to stay up late to work with the designer and the developer on features that can eliminate customer pains or areas that makes the whole experience more convenient. Today, we just released a much requested feature that do just that .

One things that I heard through our Mastermind group on LinkedIn was that it felt like “double work” when you had to create a new order since most of the briefing was the same details as the previous order. In other words, it would be really smart if it was possible to copy the details of an older order as the guideline, style preferences, and files, in most cases, are the exactly the same or very similar.

That’s now possible. With a single click you can copy previous order details and create a new order. You can adjust anything you’d like to the order before actually submitting it. It’s a huge timesaver for people making frequent orders, so happy that it’s now LIVE.

It sounds good, but does it actually work? Watch how it works in the video below (put it up in full screen). And yes, that’s my lovely voice 🙂

How staying up late can influence your level of productivity and consequently customer happiness.

In case the video isn’t showing correctly, here is a written guideline on how you copy the details of an older order. You have to be logged into your account on 24Slides:

  1. Click on ‘Account’ then go to ‘My orders’.
  2. Click on the green button “Create new order” and choose “Copy details from a previous order”.
  3. Select the order you would like to copy and you’re taken to the order page with the details copied in.
  4. You can adjust any of the details before submitting. We have also attached the same files as the previous order.

Convenient, isn’t it? If you have any ideas on how we can make the experience better when you order, feel free to share them in the comments below.

This is why I stay up late.