Suggest a Speaker for Most Inspiring Speakers List

Who do you think should be on the most inspiring speakers list? Join 24Slides in creating the overview of most awesome people by using the hashtag #suggestaspeaker. We are launching an Inspiring Speaker Initiative to motivate more people around us. Together with your help we would like to pick out and share with you the list of motivating and inspiring speakers.

We will publish the list on our blog and get some of the speakers to share their presentation  and public speaking tips with you. In turn, we offer them our design support. The speakers will be be able to send their presentation drafts to awesome designers at 24Slides and get their presentations back completely transformed. 

Being in the presentation design business 24Slides gets in touch with many awesome people who are making difference in their workplaces and communities. Who are those speakers who motivate us most? These are the people who are passionate about their job, cause and business, those who strive to change the world and care about others. 

Whom can you suggest?

Suggest someone awesome. Someone you met at a conference or with whom you work side by side. These speakers may be famous or not; they can be professional speakers and the people who change the world for the better just doing a great job at workThe only requirement is that they inspire people around and change our world for the better.

You can suggest a speaker on any of our channels:  twitter facebook  instagram Transparent-Pinterest-Logo-Icon slideshare icon , send a message to our email , or leave a comment to the blog post.

Every season we will be choosing  one person to sponsor with awesome presentation design support. Follow our blog to see our first sponsored speaker within the coming week. Let’s keep in touch.

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  1. Hi 24 Slides!

    Great initiative, I am really looking forward to following the progression. I nominate Noura Bittar Søborg. –

    Noura has been spotted from her TEDx talk as is being flown out to South Africa in September to be the keynote speaker at the international Sexual Violence Research Initiative conference ( She is an incredible young talent and one of the bravest women I have had the pleasure to meet, making it her mission to end violence against women.

    I think she could be a fantastic candidate for you.

    Best regards

    Doug Costello

  2. Hi there, I would like to suggest Peter Tolstoy. He is Senior Manager, People & Organisation at Novozymes. At our latest Career Evening, June 8th he gave inspiration to our audience – primarily skilled internationals – pro bono.

    He has a very appealing way of presenting things. He uses relevant cases, and has a talent for storytelling.

    Here is a short clip from the breakout session:

    The collection of clips from the event – Meet the HR managers – can be found here:

    1. Dear Casper. Thank you very much for your suggestion! We really enjoyed watching the video with the recruitment tips. Great insight.

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