[video series] How to Maximize the Benefits of Working Online

Because the Internet has influenced the way we do business– from talent search to employee collaboration to employee management— this video series explores some ways you can maximize the benefits of working online to conduct business more seamlessly and productively.

#1 : 4 Step Plan to Find the Right Freelancer for You

Step 1: Screen and choose top 3. Using measurements like previous client ratings, narrow your applicants to the top 3.

Step 2: Test your top 3. Give shortlisted applicants a test task that’s as close as possible to the demands of the job at hand.

Step 3: Evaluate the test task.  After the test task, you’re now able to more realistically and accurately evaluate the suitability of each applicant.

Step 4: 1-month test. If you’re still unsure, you can subject them to a one month trial period.

#2 : How to Make Online Collaboration Easier using 4 Tools

Redpen.Io –  visual feedback tool for artists to upload picture files and add annotations.

Screenflow – MAC screencast tool which records  screen and voice, including webcam images.

Google Drive – single place where all can share the same version of a file everyone is working on.

Podio project management tool where each project stakeholder has access to files, updates and any related correspondence.

#3 : 3 Tips to Manage People Online

#1: Set up a reporting system.  This could be an automated questionnaire sent bi-weekly to employees to provide better insights on what’s happening on the ground.

#2: Set up a video conference call. Engage in small talk bi-monthly where stuffs other than business or project-related concerns are discussed.

#3: Use a social project management tool. Harness project management tools as social platforms to create a culture and feeling of being part of a team.