CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is the foundation of 24Slides.
The company is a growth platform for its employees.
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If you haven't been to Indonesia, you might have no idea how different the culture and understanding of the world is. This is creating obvious challenges. One of the main challenges is communication; understanding customers and giving customers an understanding of how we think. So imagine what happens to people when you suddenly put them in direct contact with others from the other side of the globe.

That is high-speed personal growth! And it is amazing to be a part of and witness this incredible change. We believe that improving communication is not only our biggest challenge, but key to growth in emerging markets. Improving cross-border communication and cultural understanding are what's needed to fully utilize talents existing in today's world.

We want to be a leading example for that, and that is what we mean by making the world smaller through slides.


Among the values which are driving the company and our workspace are:

Mutual Respect


Continous Learning

what a happy job

Fun at Work





24Slides believes that sharing those values will help grow the business and attract more customers. These would enable the company to provide even more job opportunities and transform the lives of more people. These values guide the team and let the company focus on social aspects to improve communication between coworkers and customers around the world. They are reflected in everyday life at 24Slides. Additionally, the values are supported by different activities and initiatives organized by the company.

Many of us spend most of our waking hours working. So it just makes sense to make it more fun and fulfilling.


We strive to give the team the ideal conditions not just for professional but also for their personal growth. Just take a look at some of the unique benefits we offer for 24Slides members:
Office sweet office

Comfortable Workspace

Our office is a high-quality house in a nice residential area to make work feel more like home.

Social Activity

Social Activities

We believe in having a work-life balance at 24Slides.

Once a month, we conduct an activity together outside the office. One such activity is Play Saturday. Play Saturday is an event organized once a month with the purpose of gathering the team members together, letting them socialize and feel a sense of community. We believe that fostering a familiar atmosphere will positively influence our work as a team.

During Play Saturdays, we do lots of activities that support our team and benefit the company. We get this chance to do something different and inspiring. We have done handicrafts, public speaking sessions, competitions and sport activities like yoga.

Check out some of our past Play Saturday activities by visiting our blog:

24slides Blog

Other team-building social activities we do include:

Dinning Out

Amusement Park Visits


beach time


Health Insurance

Free health insurance

24slides provides health insurance for all its employees. Just so you would know, there are few types of health insurance in Indonesia.

One is BPJS Ketenagakerjaan regulated by the government as mandatory. It covers accidents at workplace, death and the retirement funds. In this case, the premium is paid by both the company and the employee. But the company also offers another insurance benefit called AIA which is fully paid by 24slides. It also covers spouses and up to 3 children including in and outpatient, dental and death.

This additional support for the employees allows the company to maintain competitive social standards in the industry and the highest security level which is also an important value for 24slides.

Free Food & Snack

Free food and snacks

24slides provides fresh and healthy meals for the team. Everyone is allowed to have one free meal per shift.
As you may know, it is not simply productivity and high energy level that keeps us on the right track. It is also giving the team members an opportunity to sit together, relax and talk about random topics within a comfortable atmosphere.

Eating meals together as a family is an important ritual in Indonesia. This has also naturally become an important part in the daily lives of those belonging to the 24Slides family.

Recreational Area

Recreational areas

Our company provides employees with additional spaces to fulfill personal needs and create a homelike culture where they do not have to give up their daily routines and habits. Everyone can find a room for relaxation and personal time.

These spaces include:

islamic logo

Prayer rooms

Supporting Islamic beliefs, 24Slides provides prayers rooms so some employees can pray in silence. This also refreshes them and gets them prepared for further efforts.


Bed rooms

With customers from more than 150 countries, our company will inevitably have to deal with time differences. Consequently, the company presently has 3 shift schedules. One of them is the late night shift that ends after midnight. In order to provide the best comfort for employees, our office has 2 private bedrooms to cater especially those living far from the office.

Tv rooms

TV room

This room allows employees to gather together, watch TV, giving their brains some relaxation time and to recharge their batteries. It also allows them to stay in the office before and after working hours. Families and friends of employees are also welcome in this room.



The garden area enables employees to enjoy nature and dine together amid a natural landscape. Studies have shown a positive relationship between nature and better moods; workers are more productive in a workplace surrounded by nature- they are more enthusiastic and have better energy levels.

Support Internships


24slides provides internships for young students as opportunities for their personal development. The company offers interns working environments which are suitable to their interests, skills and expectations. They get the chance to face "real life" business situations and work with people from various cultures.

Our company freely allows these students to work independently on tasks given without undue time pressure. They can expect help from the team members for any problems they meet during their internships.

Our internship program addresses various areas of interests:

At our Indonesian office- students learn more about graphic design.
At our Copenhagen office- students learn more about Indonesia (cultural differences, traditions, etc.) Interns also gain more experience in PR, Marketing and Sales.

We have already changed the lives of a lot of people in both Indonesia and Denmark, and continue to do so as the business is growing. Indeed, it is super exciting to think about the impact of the work we do for customers worldwide.

One great presentation can lead to increased sales, securing the investment, or encouraging people to take positive actions. That is important work! And this value we provide means more efficient jobs.


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