Focus on your idea, leave the design to us.

With our online platform, you can track your order every step of the way.

What we need from you

Existing presentation

Upload your existing presentation, along with any notes, figures, and sketches that you would like transformed to our order form.

Style reference

Tell and show us how you would like your presentation to look. Send us your inspirations, corporate guidelines, and indicate which style we should follow when you order.

Your expectations

How much should we challenge your presentation? We can format slides to match your style guide, but if given the opportunity, we may surprise you with our creativity.

Aligning Expectations

Invest time in communication

Invest time in explaining how you want your presentation to look and feel, and give us feedback when the first draft is ready. We will normally assign the same designer to you on your next order, so think of it as an investment in training your personal presentation designer.

Don’t expect 100% the first time

Sometimes we hit the bullseye on the first try, and other times we need a bit more time to understand what you are looking for. But we promise that if you commit to giving us thorough feedback, we will ace it on the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

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