10 Things You Should Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Because of the ability of social media to reach a wider audience in such a short span of time and with minimal costs, everyone wants to jump in the social media marketing bandwagon.

But results can be disastrous if you don’t know how to maximize the benefits of social media, making it work against your marketing strategies instead of for it.

Below are 10 common mistakes to avoid if you’re planning to do social media marketing for your business:

Expecting a huge audience right out the gate

Just because posting on social media seems simple, fast and easy doesn’t mean you instantly get a huge following overnight. Like any other marketing techniques, social media marketing requires careful planning, strategy and time to see results. These ensure your marketing doesn’t simply blend in with the millions of others out there and will uniquely stand out.

Picking the wrong social media services

The reason why Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn have not died out despite all belonging under the same social media sphere is that each has its own purpose, features, and captured market. So know first your goals and target market, understand the pros and cons of each so you can select the most appropriate media for your needs.

Cross posting

Avoid using one single ad and blast posting it to all types of social media. As mentioned, posts for Facebook and Twitter are definitely different just as advertising on radio, TV or newspaper each demand different approaches.

Making it all about you

You may have initially joined social media because it’s fun and allows you to express yourself and interact with others. But when putting your business on social media, you naturally got to stop posting for personal internets and needs and start posting from the customer’s perspective too.

Leaving your profile bare

If you want to maintain a private life, then it’s okay to keep your profile details to a minimum. But social media marketing is all about publicly selling your business. Your profile page is where customers get their first impressions about your business so leaving it bare will only send the wrong message that you either don’t care or have not much to offer.

Forgetting to act like a person

Even if it’s your business and not you per se that’s highlighted in your social media marketing, don’t make it too impersonal. Let your audience feel that there’s still a human being talking to them on the other side and whom they can reach out to for assistance.

Avoiding negative feedback

It’s always easy to accept positive feedback and tempting to dismiss negative ones. But valuing criticism is likewise important because one or two of these could actually reflect what a lot of your followers are thinking.

Forgetting to link to your social media account

This one may seem straightforward yet a lot still commit this mistake. Remember that the more links you have, the better for your search engine ranking to draw in more traffic and clicks.

Leaving it unattended

After posting on social media, now what? The next step is to keep your content, images and files updated and fresh all the time. Regular posts keep your followers from drifting away.

Forgetting that you can schedule posts

Having trouble updating or always forgetting to keep your content new all the time? You can always add to your marketing content even when you’re away by automatically scheduling posts. By maximizing on this feature, your customers get instant access to up-to-date information online.