10 Ways to Make your Customers Fall in Love with your Business

Most businesses provide an ordinary, expected customer experience.

But you don’t want your business to be like most businesses, would you? You’d want to provide a unique and amazing customer experience, making you stand out from the rest.

It’s what differentiates first time customers who’ll never return from loyal ones. It’s what’ll make your business their first, if not only choice, even if you’re all offering just about the same product/service and competing for the same market share.

Here are 10 ways to make customer fall in love with your business:

#1 Give awesome customer service.

Hands down, this tops the most effective way for customers to love your business. 81% of customers said they are more likely to give a company repeated business after a great service experience.

#2 Look sharp.

Whoever said “don’t judge a book by its cover” might not be familiar with the way businesses work. When it comes to making your business appealing, appearances do count. For instance, 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website design alone while over 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by aesthetic factors.

#3 Create valuable content frequently.

Content is truly king. If you want more website traffic, you likewise need to create more content in the form of blogs, with some studies indicating that traffic increases dramatically by as much as 5X for sites that blog 20 times per month.

#4 Under promise, over deliver.

It’s true what they say about actions speaking louder than words. In order to give your customers that “wow” experience, it’s better to understate your commitment then exceed it in action. This is as opposed to 80% of companies which claim they provide superior customer service when in fact, only 8% of customers think these same companies do deliver the superior customer service they promise.

#5 Ask for feedback and listen.

Studies show that for every 1 complaint you receive, there are 26 other equally unhappy customers who chose to remain silent. Encourage your customers to provide feedback, whether good or bad. You’d rather hear these comments directly from them and act upon these immediately while you can than have your business reputation ruined all of a sudden due to bad publicity.

#6 Be consistent.

It’s not enough to just ask for one feedback on a particular aspect of your business. You need to maintain consistency so you have a better general picture if your business is on the right track or what direction it should take. In one study, measuring satisfaction throughout their experience working with you has been shown to be 30% more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than simply measuring happiness for specific individual interaction.

#7 Be available.

It’s one thing to resolve your customers’ issues. It’s another to resolve them in a timely manner. Which is why 55% of customers who stopped doing business with a company said it was due to a failure to resolve their issues in a timely manner. In a world where everyone demands instant answers, promptly solving your customer’s concerns should be your focus.

#8 Be socially responsible.

30% of customers said they expect to increase the amount of goods and services they buy from socially responsible companies. But this responsibility doesn’t necessarily have to go outside your company. In the same study, how you treat your employees accounts for the biggest measure (45%) in assessing how socially responsible your company is.

#9 Reward loyal customers.

Like the rest of us, your customers are motivated by rewards and appreciate being valued, with members of a loyalty program shown to be 70% more likely to recommend a brand, service or product.

#10 Care for your employees.

It’s an inevitable chain; if you take care of your employees, your employees can take much better care of your customers.

While some of these tips may seem simple and straightforward enough, the numbers suggest many still do otherwise. And that’s why there’s good customer service and there’s extraordinarily awesome one. Keep these tips in mind so your business can belong to the latter.