12 Self-Esteem Boosting Habits


To deliver great presentations, it is often said that you need to have confidence. But even before confidence, you ought to have good self-esteem. While confidence and self-esteem are interrelated, a good self-image is actually a prerequisite for being confident.

Unfortunately, many of us suffer from poor self-esteem simply because we often rely on external indicators of self-worth. It’s not uncommon for self-esteem to be closely tied with materialistic factors like how large your house is, what kind of car you drive or what your job is. Moreover, we often believe that we need to have accomplished something great or big before we can think highly of ourselves.

As a result, low self-esteem can hinder us from doing the things we want or being the kind of person we wish to become.

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can stop telling yourself “you’re not good enough” without just depending on superficial factors.

Here are 12 tips:

  1. Be aware of your self-beliefs

    Know and understand what keeps you from having better self-esteem. Is it previous failures? Is it fear of committing mistakes or because of hurtful criticisms you received?  When you determine the cause, then you can better decide on what changes need to be done.

  2. Review your accomplishments

    Realizing how you have successfully overcome previous challenges makes you more confident that you can get through future ones. Spend few minutes weekly to note what you appreciate about yourself. List down your strengths, as a reminder to yourself whenever low self-esteem takes over.

  3. Be grateful

    Realizing the things you should be thankful for boosts appreciation of oneself. Moreover, stop comparing yourself with others.  Doing this will only increase feelings of inadequacy because there will always be someone better, smarter or richer than you.

  4. Accept that no one, including you, can be perfect

    Perfectionism is impossible so instead, acknowledge the positive you can see even in what seems to be a bad situation. Learn not to be hard on and forgive yourself whenever you commit mistakes.

  5. Share your knowledge

    Teaching or training someone allows you to feel confident about your own skills and talents.

  6. Don’t dismiss compliments

    Gracefully accept them and allow them to make you feel good and proud about yourself.

  7. Take care of yourself

    Aside from dressing well or exercising, proper diet and hygiene makes having a sense of self pride a lot easier.

  8. Avoid being too self-conscious

    Be less mindful of others’ opinions and instead, be more conscious of living up to the goals and values you’ve set for yourself.

  9. Visualize success

    Always picturing yourself acting with confidence may also enhance self-respect in reality.

  10. Learn when to say “no”

    Stop pleasing everyone and know when you’re being taken advantage of and should start pleasing yourself instead.

  11. Find something you’re passionate about

    The more passionate you are, the more skilled you become at it, increasing feelings of self-esteem while enjoying what you do. To start off, move outside your comfort zone. Exploring and learning new things can boost your sense of self-confidence to take on new challenges.

  12. Always remind yourself that you’re worthy to be happy

    Part of what contributes to poor self-esteem is consistently and falsely believing that you have to put others’ happiness first before yours.

Working to improve self-esteem is a journey and not simply a result of any instant or overnight realization. But once you’ve worked on building self-esteem, building confidence can also naturally and more effortlessly follow, whether you’re doing presentations or going about your other daily activities. For these habits not only increase self-esteem but also help you live happier overall and enrich the quality of your life.

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