20 Things you CAN do to create your own luck

How many times have you been envious of people who seem luckier than yourself? Sure, we all need a little bit of good luck at times, whether on a professional or personal level. More often than not though, we merely see luck as fate or chance which we have no control of. So we simply shrug our shoulders and helplessly say, “Well that’s just my bad luck!”

20 things create luck

But what if I tell you that you can actually create your own good luck and likewise, more easily avoid misfortune?

True, part of luck has to do with what is called “brute luck” or those which you cannot control like who your parents are or where you were born. But the bigger part is also “options luck” or luck as a result of the choices we make. And I’m not just talking about choosing to wear a lucky charm, bring a lucky stone or remembering to knock on wood.

In the next 2 minutes, I will share with you 20 simple tips on how you can turn your options luck into something positive for you:

20 Things create Luck

1)      Trust your intuition.

Lucky people create success by trusting their gut feelings and acting on instincts. Ask yourself from time to time, “Does this feel right?” Stop over analyzing things, lest you lower your chances of making wiser decisions.

2)      Believe you’re lucky.

In doing so, you’re likely to persevere despite setbacks and keep going until luck comes around. This is as opposed to believing you’re unlucky and easily giving up because you think there’s nothing you can do to conquer bad luck.

3)      Expect great things to happen.

Cultivate a positive mindset. As with the law of attraction, your belief about the future has a way of making it happen.

4)      Develop an attitude of gratitude.

When you appreciate what you have in life, good or bad, you also start to think and feel positively like many lucky individuals.

5)      See the glass half-full.

In many situations, there are two sides of the same coin. What one sees as junk, you can see as treasure. With a positive mindset, it won’t really matter what happens to you but how you interpret it. You can also more easily turn an unfortunate situation to your advantage.

6)      Develop a genuine feeling of happiness for other people’s luck.

Doing otherwise will only build negative energy within you that drives away good luck.

7)      Change the way you define luck.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to re-think what makes one lucky to realize that you’re relatively lucky after all.

8)      Be open to opportunities.

Apparently, luck eludes many of us because we are often focused on just one thing. We become blind to other random things happening to us because of this focus on a singular goal. We fail to maximize on opportunities. It is only in recognizing opportunities that we can recognize luck. Likewise, stop making excuses to get out of opportunities once you see them.

9)      Leave room for chance.

Leaving nothing to chance is often seen as a virtue. Yet is it also often associated as a shortcut to misfortune and failure among business leaders. Growing research finds that being more open to chance correlates directly to being lucky and successful.

10)  Vary your routine for arbitrary reasons.

Get out of your comfort zone. Add variety to your life. If something threatens this comfort zone, learn to adjust and go with the flow.

11)  Take risks.

Truth is, many lucky breaks aren’t really a result of luck at all but from taking bold actions others wouldn’t normally take.

12)  Come up with creative and different ways to arrive at decisions.

You’d be surprised at how different things can turn out to be.

13)  Be helpful and polite.

The saying “what goes around comes around” isn’t just karma or some cosmic force at work. Positive works release positive energy which attracts luck. Besides, quid pro quo is how the world works. Plus, helping the less fortunate can make you feel more fortunate.

14)  Work to boost your selfimage.

It’s only when you believe that you deserve and are capable of attracting luck that you start doing so.

15)  Crystallize your goals.

Don’t just have tangible goals; actively plan and take steps towards getting there.

16)  Expand your network.

A lot of professional luck can be directly tied to the people you know within the industry or your line of work.

17)  Expand your knowledge.

As it is often said: “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” If opportunity knocks and you’re not prepared, then you can still end up unlucky. Preparation includes equipping yourself with the right and adequate information or skill. Get a new hobby. Be passionate about diverse things.

18)  Find yourself at the right place and time.

You may be thinking that this in itself happens only by accident. But you actually have more control over this than you may realize. You can be wise about where you go, what activities you join and who you decide to meet. Think of which industry for example you want to excel at then join related organizations or functions.

19)  Keep trying.

Lucky people don’t let drawbacks stop them from creating more good fortune.

20)  Be in the company of lucky people.

Lucky and unlucky people each possess certain traits that make them such. If you hang out with those who always grumble or are pessimistic, then pretty soon you’ll find that you have become one of those too. Emotions are contagious.

So while luck isn’t entirely a result of human effort, there are learnable skills you can do to find, recognize and exploit your own luck. And keep in mind that just as you don’t simply wait for luck to happen, luck also doesn’t wait for those who don’t make the most out of it while they can. Good luck!

What other ways have you explored to attract more good luck in your life? Let us know through your comments below.

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