3 Presentation Styles To Keep Your Audience Entertained

3 Presentation Styles To Keep Your Audience Entertained

The PowerPoint presentation has to hold the attention of the audience. Some presentation styles require quick transitions and the use of a basic image or text content to create a memorable presentation. When presenters use the Godin, Takahashi or Lessig approach in developing their slides, they will be able to maintain the attention of audience members and create a better experience.

The Godin method,

The presenter uses an image-centric method to communicate concepts to the audience. The key to the success of this PowerPoint presentation method is selecting the right type of images. The image choice determines the success of the presentation. Images are supposed to be closely related to the concept being covered. The goal is to get the audience to fully understand the relationship between the topic covered and the imagery. The images just evoke feelings in an audience as they move through the presentation.

The Takahashi method

This method utilizes very large wording to create the PowerPoint. Although the method relies primarily on the use of Japanese characters, it can be adapted for Western audiences. The presenter uses very large text printed on each slide to convey a point. Each slide focuses on the best term related to the concept being discussed. The main word is enlarged and serves as the focal point for the slide. There are no supporting images used in this format. The phrases, if used, are small and concise.

The Lessig method

This method requires that a person pass through each slide within 15 seconds. This approach makes it easier for the audience to focus on the content and prevents audience members from tuning out during the PowerPoint presentation. The method uses either a text or image format in each presentation. Whether or not to use text or an image in a slide is something the speaker decides. Ideally, the two aren’t used together. The hybrid format resembles the Takahashi and Godin method.

Any of these presentation styless are very effective in keeping the audience engaged. Quicker transitions and the smart use of text or image content improves recall, making it possible for people to remain focused. Although these formats differ from other presentation styles, a presenter can really make a powerful presentation using any of these approaches.