3 Tips When Using Gradients in Presentation Design

Love them, hate them. Opinions about gradients vary. That’s because when applied correctly, gradients can add interest, color and depth to your web design or presentation.  Because of gradients, you can use the same color in various shades, many shades of many colors and other unique combinations you can think of. You can go linear or radial while making presentation. But when combined poorly, gradients can make your presentation design look unprofessional. It can appear as if you’re trying to hide a tacky or weak design. The poor mix of colors and shades can make or break your presentation.

So to make good use of gradients in your design, here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

Tips #1: Start with a solid version of your design before adding gradients.

This will make your presentation design more flexible and look clear and bold even if it appears on non-screen mediums like embossed paper or signs. Avoid adding gradients to your design that will make it hard to reproduce or read.

Tip #2: Add gradients with a purpose.

Don’t just apply them for the sake of doing so. These will just make your presentation design unnecessarily look washed out and overcomplicated especially if you’re using intense gradients.

Gradients must serve to enhance your design, not to make it abstract. So use them creatively in such a way that they’re relevant to your overall design or presentation.

Ensure that when adding gradients, they are well thought of and executed. Put them with intent. This will make them come out professional.

Tip #3: Optimize your gradients for printing.

Not only should gradients be meaningful and work well in various mediums, they should also appear clear on different printer qualities. Gradients may not always print well and a hideous banding effect can occur on other printer types.

Here are quick tutorials on how you can customize gradients in your presentation:

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