5 Steps to Add Music to your PowerPoint Presentations

Music is a powerful universal language. It can stimulate various emotions. It can inspire, make you laugh, weep, scared or excited.

We usually focus on the visuals, graphics or texts when designing presentations. But when combined correctly with your PowerPoint visual presentation, adding audio can give your message a stronger impact. It can help you build an emotional connection with your audience, heighten their senses, grab their attention and increase focus.

So how do you get a single song of your choice to play across all the slides throughout your presentation?

5 Easy Steps to Add Music to Your PowerPoint Presentation – For Mac from 24Slides

For Mac users, here are 5 quick steps for doing so:

Step 1: On the “Home” tab, open Audio browser by clicking “Media” > “Audio Browser”.

Step 2: Select your song file, and then drag it onto my slide.

Step 3: From the “Format Audio” tab, select “Play Across Slides” to make the song play automatically after you open the presentation.

Step 4: To repeat your music throughout the presentation, set it by going to “Playback Options” and select “Loop until stopped”.

Step 5: To hide your audio file icon on your presentation, select it on your slide, go to “playback options” and select “Hide icon during show”.

Following the instruction above, this is one presentation from 24Slides’ team powered with music. Enjoy!

That’s it! You’re now ready to maximize the benefits of audio in your presentation!

Source: https://support.office.com/

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