5 Things you can Learn from Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur

If you’ve seen the name “Asia Newson” trending lately in the World Wide Web and are wondering who she is, Asia is the co-founder and CEO of Super Business Girl, a company that sells homemade candles. And she’s done this at a tender age of 11, dubbing her as “Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur”.

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Her recent interview with ABC’s 20/20 leaves us with some inspiring messages for would-be entrepreneurs and successful salespeople alike. Here are few of these:

It’s never too young or too late to start selling or setting up your own business

At 11, Asia epitomizes the belief that in business, age doesn’t matter. She tells ABC news in her interview that even as early as 4 or 5 years old, she already has that “power ball that keeps her going”. No matter how old or young you are, it’s the passion and enthusiasm that will keep you moving. These are what should go side by side with your skills and the value you can offer to others to succeed. And be prepared to seize them anytime, as this “fire” may come whether you’re 10 or 50.

Be in the company of truly supportive partners

In her business, Asia’s partner is none other than her dad. While you don’t necessarily have to have your parents standing by you all the time, surround yourself with those who really know your personality and can bring out the best in you. Regardless of the extent of involvement they have in your business, make sure you’re comfortable around them and they can silently or not-so-silently cheer you on or criticize you as appropriate.

Have someone who can serve as your role model and mentor

Even if you start selling at 50, learning never stops. Which is why role models will always play a crucial role in your business improvement and direction. Asia considers Mid-West mogul and NBA team owner Dan Gilbert as one of her business mentors. Not only was Asia given good advice by Gilbert regarding her sales pitch but this also paved the way for Asia to expand her network and business opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to dream big

It’s one thing to take a huge uncalculated risk and another to just have big ambitions. There are no consequences or losses to dreaming big—only opportunities to actually realizing them. Asia’s young age doesn’t stop her from having supersized goals. And her ultimate dreams are what keep her going all the time and opening herself up to learning more.

Keep at it

Even at 11, Asia is fully aware that the #1 culprit of failure among salespersons is giving up. When you start losing motivation, you also start allowing opportunities to pass you by. On the contrary, if you keep the drive and add a bit of your natural self to your usual sales pitch, then you start noticing the positive difference in the sales that you get.

Stories like that of Asia’s tell us that success in business or sales can come from different walks of life—whether you’re living in an unknown suburb or in a megacity— and is possible even before you reach high school or after your retirement. Age and your environment won’t matter as much as the beliefs and mindset you hold as well as the people surrounding you.

Do you have other similar inspiring success stories to share? Let us know through your comments below.