5 Tips for a Great PowerPoint Presentation

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People aren’t too excited about sitting through another presentation. That’s because everyone has sat through a bad presentation before. If you’re in the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation, you want to make sure that it’s engaging and entertaining. How do you keep your readers tuned in? Learn how to win over your audience by following these tips for PowerPoint presentations.


Less is more. One of the most common mistakes people make when preparing a presentation is to try to accomplish too many things with one slide. Nothing could be more frustrating to the viewer. The purpose of each slide should be to gradually introduce a concept to the audience member, not to overwhelm them.


Contrast matters. Take into consideration how difficult it is to read the text on certain websites because of the poor contrast. Remember this in designing your PowerPoint presentations. The font and the background of the slides should contrast greatly for the reader’s benefit. Avoid combining light text with lighter, brighter backgrounds.


Use professional design effects. While there are so many different design options available when it comes to creating the perfect slide, you must be sure to err on the conservative side. Avoid backgrounds that may be too colorful or distracting for the viewer. Some people like to use transitions to emphasize certain aspects of the presentation. Too many flashy transitions can be overwhelming and turn off viewers. Keep the slides simple and tasteful to avoid appearing amateurish.


Avoid paragraphs. Paragraphs can become too difficult to read. Excessive use of paragraphs in a presentation can become boring for the viewer. Paragraphs can make it too difficult to keep a person properly engaged. Stick to easy-to-read bullet points and great graphics. Reserve the use of paragraphs for the presenter’s script.


Brevity matters. If you communicate a concept in one slide clearly, do so. If you can condense the content into a slide without losing the meaning of the point being made, condense it into one slide. Keep in mind the average attention span of a person. Shorter presentations may have more of an impact on the audience.

Remember to put your audience first when developing your PowerPoint presentation. Don’t make the viewers work too hard to remain engaged with your content. Following these tips for PowerPoint presentation will result in a great finished product.