The 5 S’ of Video Presentation

You’re probably complaining about how creating great video presentations can take huge amount of time and energy. Indeed, creating an online high quality video can take a long time to put together. Achieving video presentation success is also often seen as costly and difficult.


What makes this worse are the pervasive myths about video presentations. Misconceptions like only big brands can make a splash. Or that only those with babies, cute animals or dancing can go viral. Or that you need to hire a celebrity to popularize your video.

To make it easier for you to create effective video presentations, here are simple 5 S’s you should keep in mind:


Keep your videos short. Online viewers have limited attention span so you have a good chance of losing their interest after 90 seconds. Likewise, keep your message brief and direct to the point. Get any value proposition out within the first 30 seconds.

Simple but Surprising.

Creativity and unpredictability are better than being fancy. Those complex video effects not only cost more but can also increase loading time. On other hand, the element of surprise is what grabs interest and makes many videos go viral.


Make your audience feel as if you’re talking directly to them and not just to anyone. The first 10 seconds of your video are crucial to capture and sustain their attention. Make it personal and natural. Use personal tones, avoid jargons and try adding humor as well to connect with your audience.

To do this, know your audience beforehand. Without an understanding of your audience, it will also be difficult to perform an accurate market research of their needs and interests.


Use the power of storytelling to connect with your audience. Anyone loves a good story which often has a beginning identifying the problem, a middle where you present your product or service and an ending where there’s a resolution.


Upload and share your videos to various networks including YouTube. Don’t forget to add the video links on any existing sites or affiliate sites you have. Then check video metrics to know what’s working or not. You can also monitor comments, answer questions, participate in conversations or debates that arise from your video.

Videos are not just trendy, inspiring or entertaining. They can also be used as powerful tools to change the way you do presentations. Even with millions of available videos out there, use these tips to have your video capture your intended market and deliver your message. By keeping these 5S in mind, the better you can create engaging and helpful video presentations that your target audience will watch, enjoy and act upon.

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