Outsource Presentation Design, Increase Productivity

Almost 16 years ago, Ian Parker wrote a piece in the New Yorker about PowerPoint Presentations. “Can a software package edit our thoughts?,” he wrote. Apparently, it can. So much so that Microsoft PowerPoint has remained the presentation tool par excellence used by companies for more than 25 years. Since its emergence, it has been the go-to tool for turning ideas into reality, allowing great minds to pitch great ideas and helping companies stay on track. Yet $250 million is wasted year after year on poor presentation design, from the time wasted creating them in house to the time wasted trying to comprehend them during meetings. One solution? To outsource presentation design. Outsourcing increases productivity  Outsourcing Presentation design brings a wealth of advantages in terms of increasing productivity.

“Leaders can no longer afford to view outsourcing as a mere business tactic; it is now essential to remaining competitive on the world stage”

Michael F. Corbett

6 reasons why you should outsource presentation design

Save time.

Unless you are a talented graphic designer, you probably spend a lot of time in typing up and deleting content for your PowerPoint, aligning objects, choosing fonts and colors that match your brand, etc. When the stakes are high and it becomes pivotal for a message to be delivered, employees tend to spend more time on PowerPoint presentation design, making sure that the design complements their content. Those who outsource presentation design, on the other hand, have more time to perfect their message and practice on their delivery.

Design that creates an impact.

Design is not only about aesthetic. It is also about the enhancing the message through visual elements, such as icons, graphs or charts. According to Scott Berinato, there are things we can’t control about how our brain reacts to visual elements. For example, with charts, our eyes go straight to what stands out — we can’t help but notice color and we can’t help but notice outliers. As soon as our eyes land on these visual elements, our brain immediately starts trying making meaning out of them.

If you outsource presentation design to someone who does it for a living and who is naturally skilled at telling stories through images, you are able to add another dimension to you presentation. Whether your presentation is to be used for a sales meeting, a management meeting, or internal documentation, good design and relevant visual elements add to the impact of your message. It will make your message stick.

Increase productivity.

Creating PowerPoint presentations have been named one of the biggest time wasters in the work place. Why go through all the fuss of having to create presentations from an empty slide or from a default template when you can easily hire an external group to do this for you? Focusing on your objectives becomes much easier when you outsource little things. This will ultimately lead to increased productivity because you can now spend all your personal time to focus on the more important things – the things that you are good at, things that create value.

Strengthen your brand.

You should always dress up for the job, but sometimes, even the job itself is too demanding to match your current wardrobe. Customizing your presentation by outsourcing your design will negate your inexperience with something that will make you stand out among the rest. Your audience will take you more seriously if you’ve invested the effort to make your presentation look as professional as you are.

Get results.

You may tend to write more formally than when you speak. This may not give you the right results you’re looking for. Instead, it will often lead you to bulk up presentations by overloading it with data, graphs, effects, and animations — common mistakes that most professional services can spot off the fly. Outsourcing even allows you to extend your own thoughts and bring in a whole new set of ideas that would sometimes have you ditching your original ones for theirs.

Make an impact.

Leaving the design work to the experts not only strengthens your brand, increases the impact of your presentations and increases productivity in the workplace; but it also gives creatives an opportunity to make a living out of their craft. In many cases, to outsource presentation design is to create a bridge between opportunities in developed countries and talent in developing countries.

Ready to outsource your presentations? See what we can do for you.

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