7 Expected Attitudes of Great Customer Service

If you’ve experienced being mishandled, treated unjustly or rudely by a customer service representative, you would agree that poor customer service can be worse than having no customer service at all. That’s why when it’s your turn to assist your current and potential customers, they should expect nothing short of a great and effective customer service experience from you.

Below are 7 attitudes expected of one to provide superior customer service:

WOW Effect.

Remember when we used to say “we will meet your expectations”? How about exceeding their expectations? Always give your customers more than what they expect to get. Understate what you can provide but over-deliver the results.

Love at first sight.

Customer service isn’t all about thinking and finding the right solution. A greater part of it involves appealing to customers’ emotions. Which is why from the moment you start talking, you need to make them feel connected. Your customers will be comfy and feel that they are in the right place.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Listen intently to your customers’ demand. Don’t just hear their concerns but really actively listen. Show that you care, you empathize and ensure you will find the solution.

Be Human, Not Robot.

When you deal with hundreds of customers weekly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating them as numbers rather than as real people with real concerns. Engage with your customer by being human, not a robotic auto reply email and phone call.

Positive Language.

Words are weapons. They can be as sweet as honey yet be bitter as gall too. Use positive words to explain the problems and solutions to your customers. Even if the issue is unsolvable or out of your control, you can apply the power of positive words to turn things around and make customers still feel valued.

Act like a chameleon.

Know how the chameleon easily changes color to adapt to its surrounding and address any needs and threats? Likewise, each customer possesses a different character. You should sense their moods and adapt accordingly.

Solutions, not Excuses.

Never delay the solution until days or weeks; act to solve the problems, not make excuses. More often than not, you are the last resort of the customer and the issue has already reached its urgency by the time they approach you.

Applying these 7 tips in your daily interactions with your customers is not only helpful but also essential to redefine what customer service should be all about in the first place.