7 Habits to Stop Doing in 2015

Last month, we ushered the start of another year. For many of us, the New Year also signals the start of another batch of New Year’s resolutions which more often than not, we fail to keep.

But rather than coming up with almost seemingly impossible (if not too ideal or perfect) resolutions like cutting down incredulously number of kilos in such a short span of time, why don’t we start with something simple, attainable yet nonetheless help us all to become better persons this year? Here are few of our suggestions:

Stop multi-tasking.

Ahhh, welcome to the “modern way of doing things”! Albeit keeping pace with the modern lifestyle, multi-tasking is one of the major culprits why intense focus is now a rare commodity. Rather than doing so much non-essential things at the same time, start prioritizing and focusing on quality than quantity. It’s time to work smart, not hard. Or at the very least, spare others from always hearing you complain how busy you are.

Stop sitting around so much.

It’s ironic how we like multi-tasking yet all these simultaneous activities hardly keep us away from our chairs and couches (or burn off enough calories). After you’ve done number 1, start using the extra time you have to move away from your desk more often and start sweating it out. You don’t have to do intense exercises (lest you break your resolutions again). Just move more often and get your heart rate rising.

Stop believing you have to be perfect.

You’re not perfect, will never be and so will the rest of us here. Accept this and when you start embracing your flaws, you can also turn them into something positive and beneficial for you and your goals.

Stop overdoing your strengths.

We live in an age where focusing and building on strengths are emphasized. However, when we look too much to playing on our strengths, they can eventually become liabilities instead of assets for us. Too much confidence can make us aggressive or arrogant. Too much optimism can make us complacent. Instead, start looking at ways you can develop your weaknesses to complement your current strengths.

Stop confusing confidence with competence.

In a society which value sociability and assertiveness, the line between confidence and skillfulness can become blurred. Start recognizing that a show of confidence can just be to compensate for a lack of characteristic or skill. Start recognizing how that subdued, shy co-worker can be more knowledgeable in so many ways than your self-assured buddy.

Stop using awful PowerPoint presentations.

There’s too much of them now when it just takes a few simple steps to create impactful presentations. If you need help to turn awful slides to awesome ones, check out what we can do for you.

Stop procrastinating.

Yes, we’ve all been guilty of this every now and then. Give yourself that needed boost to start and finish things immediately by looking for simple sources of inspiration to get you going.

Now get moving!