15 August PowerPoint Templates to Create Amazing Presentations in Minutes

We welcome August with the very best PowerPoint templates for the month! This time, our designers focused on high-demand services, professional projects, and internal communications. You’ll also find a section of business PowerPoint resources to get your presentations to new heights in a matter of minutes.

But before we start, let me remind you that these August PowerPoint templates -and other thousands of PowerPoint resources- are available for free at Templates by 24Slides. Now, let’s see what our designers have prepared for you:


August PowerPoint Presentations for Popular Services in 2020

It’s not a secret that 2020 has been a game-changer for everyone, including businesses. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite stores close, and others forced to re-invent their business model. There have also been services that took off in this so-called new normality. If you’re part of the latter group – or aim to be in there –, check out these presentation templates:

Safe Food Delivery PowerPoint Presentation

Safe Delivery Service Presentation Template

Don’t get misled by the title, this August template is suitable for any kind of business that delivers its products to customers. Our template is ideal for you if you want to put emphasis on contactless delivery. Here you can solve the most common questions from your customers such as: How to order online? What does your delivery process look like? And what’s your company’s safety protocol?

Homeschooling PowerPoint Template

Creative Homeschool Presentation

There’s been a growing demand for online services in all sectors: retail, financial, even education. In this particular case, homeschooling and online classes seem to be the way to go for many families with school-age children. This is a great opportunity to offer online tutoring services! Use this creative template to cover the benefits of homeschooling, share your experience as a tutor, display numbers to back up your service, and more.

Language Learning PowerPoint Template


Language Learning PowerPoint template

There are many reasons for wanting to learn a new language. People may want to settle in another country, access better job opportunities, communicate with foreign friends in their native language. If you’re in the language learning market, this PowerPoint template is perfect to showcase your services. You can talk about the importance of speaking a second language, how to make the learning process more effective, which are the most-spoken languages in the world, and finally make a clear statement on why language learners should pick you.


4 Creative PowerPoint Templates for Internal Communication Teams

Some people think that good presentations are only for meetings with clients and investors. But your business has a lot to communicate to employees as well. For example, your cultural diversity policy, employee volunteer programs, information security, and more.

Personal Branding PowerPoint Template

Personal Branding Roadmap

You want your potential clients to know you have the best people in your team. Professionals that really know what they’re doing. And sure, you’ve put together a brilliant team, but do they communicate their expertise effectively? Give them a hand to polish how they market themselves with a personal branding session. This creative template comes with everything to go from personal branding 101 to build a full strategy.

Cultural Diversity PowerPoint Presentation

August template for a cultural diversity presentation

In a globalized world, cultural diversity is an important topic to talk about. Even more in the workplace! Empower your employees through their diversity with an incredible presentation on what it means to be a culturally diverse team and how to make the best out of it. You can also use this template to share the cultural diversity policy of the company in engaging PowerPoint slides.

Volunteer Program PowerPoint Template

Volunteer Program Presentation template

Give back to the community with a volunteer program. It doesn’t only prove your company is socially responsible, but also helps your employees develop a valuable set of skills. Get everyone on board with a professional presentation. You will be able to cover what the volunteer event is about, how it connects to the company values, and the steps to execute the program. In case you’re planning to do this for a non-profit organization, there’s a couple of slides to address sponsorship opportunities.

Cyber Security PowerPoint Template

Dark-themed Cyber security PowerPoint Slide

In the digital economy, data is the new oil. And if your company works with lots of data from clients and sponsors, then employees should be trained on how to recognize and avoid any cyber threat. Use this presentation template to talk about cyber risks, what is a cyber-attack, and share cyber security tips in order to keep the company information protected.


Project PowerPoint Templates for August

It may be August, but you still have plenty of time in the year to execute your projects. Either for personal or professional purposes, these August PowerPoint templates will make your project presentations look incredible.

Instagram PowerPoint Template

Playful Instagram PowerPoint Template

Instagram is not only for sharing your everyday life. In fact, this social media platform can become a powerful marketing tool for your business. Share your digital marketing strategy for Instagram in this editable PowerPoint template. You will be able to present demographic data about your public, talk about content segmentation, display your content plan, and more.

Design Thinking PowerPoint Presentation

Design Thinking Process Template in creative style

If you’re an expert in Design Thinking, use this August PowerPoint template to coach organizations and professionals. You can start with a general overview of what this method is about and how the process looks like. Then, you’ll find individual slides for each stage: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This incredible template has a futuristic style that really makes your presentation unique and hard to ignore.  

Chatbot Presentation Template

Chatbot Benefits Slide in PowerPoint

A PowerPoint template for all our developers and tech professionals out there! Chatbots are gaining popularity in the business world and even though they follow simple rules, sometimes getting people outside your team to understand how chatbots work can be challenging. So, here’s the perfect set of slides to present your chatbot project in simple words. Plus, you’ll find a conversation flow slide to display a practical example. It really has it all!

Research Poster PowerPoint Presentation

Research Poster Process Slide in PowerPoint

Research posters are great visual tools to communicate the results of an investigation and generate discussion around the topic. As an educator or professional in an academic organization, you can use this template to guide students on what’s the better way to make and present their research posters. Here you can share all your recommendations, from design tips to submission guidelines for academic journals.


Best PowerPoint Resources for Business Presentations

Sometimes your business presentations need a little help. Maybe you’re not looking for a complete remake, but just some charts and graphic details to give your presentation a more professional aspect. Our designers heard you and created these PowerPoint resources especially for you:

Timeline Infographic Template

Zigzag timeline infographic

Timelines are great for visualizing a series of events in a succinct manner. Let’s say you want to share a story in a unique way, or instructions step by step, then timeline infographics are what you need. In this August template, you’ll find a goal timeline, a career PowerPoint timeline, a snake timeline, and other highly visual timelines for your presentation.

Creative Business PowerPoint Presentation

Business model template for creative companies

As an entrepreneur, most of the time, building the right slide deck can seem an impossible task. You want people to take you seriously with a professional presentation, but you also want to display the creative, imaginative side of your business. How to find that balance? Well, our designers did it for you. After some brainstorming, they cracked the code and came up with incredible slides that blend fun and business perfectly.

Comparison Chart PowerPoint Templates

Comparison bar charts in PowerPoint

Nothing better than a set of charts to enhance your business and sales presentations. Whenever you need to compare proposals or characteristics of certain products, come to this template and find the right charts to convince your public. Comparison bar charts, before and after slides, a comparison timeline, and more.

Webinar Banners Template Pack

Creative webinar banner template

It’s time to promote your webinar! Get people to register for your upcoming online seminar with impressive webinar flyers. This set of webinar banner templates has more than 20 different designs for you to choose from. You’ll just need to insert the title, speaker information, and date of the online event.  


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