Angie Arriesgado
How To Overcome Presentation Fear: 5 Tips You Can Apply Today
Do you get anxious when you have to speak publicly? It’s okay if you do, there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t even have to worry about being the only one because roughly three-quarters of the population share that same fear. But it can be hard having that fear because it attacks your self-esteem. It’s...
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How To Deliver A Persuasive Presentation
In this article, I will show you several tips on how to deliver a persuasive presentation. Learning how to be persuasive is a definite must if you have any plans of becoming successful in life. That’s because if you want to achieve something in this world, you have to know how to harness one of...
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The base slide for this example has a photo, some text, and a background gradient
If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, and you’ve got the latest version of PowerPoint, then congratulations! You have access to the Morph and Zoom transitions that regular PowerPoint users don’t. These new features bring PowerPoint to a whole new level and makes it more competitive with more recent presentation software like Prezi. I will divide...
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24Templates the home of the best free PowerPoint presentation templates
If you’re looking for the best free PowerPoint presentation templates online, then you’re reading the right article. There are many places online where you can download free templates, but to be frank, most look outdated and well, cheap. You may think the best free PowerPoint templates are those that you need to spend money on....
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Stakes are higher in a business PowerPoint presentation
A business PowerPoint presentation is not like your other presentations where you might be presenting in front of your classmates, your friends, your church group, etc. In a business setting, the stakes are much higher, and poor design can make or break a business deal, or even your entire startup! Presenting in front of a...
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The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Best PowerPoint Presentation Background
There’s no getting around this – your PowerPoint presentation background matters. A lot of factors go into what makes a particular design stand out, but one of the most overlooked factors is PPT slide background design. PowerPoint’s default background color is white. If you’re in a hurry and you need to put a presentation up fast,...
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Great PowerPoint presentations are never boring. Get your audience to engage with you!
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is PowerPoint presentation?”, then you’re in luck because in this article, you’re going to finally have the answer to your all-important question. You’ll learn everything there is to know about PowerPoint – its history, how to make an effective PowerPoint presentation, as well as see some great PowerPoint presentation...
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PowerPoint Tutorial: How To Print PowerPoint With Notes
Adding speech or presentation notes to your PowerPoint slides is fairly easy. If you’d like to have a printed copy of your notes, you don’t have to copy and paste everything into Microsoft Word just to print from there. In this PowerPoint Tutorial, you’ll learn how you can easily print your PowerPoint slides along with...
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The Ultimate PowerPoint Template Guide
This ultimate PowerPoint template guide is divided into 4 mini-tutorials. I’ll show you how you can change slide sizes as well as create/edit both templates and master slides. I’ve included screenshots for every step so you can easily see what I’m doing. By the end of this article, you should be a step closer to...
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