How to be Awesome on Slideshare: a Quick Step by Step Guide

Posting your slides on Slideshare for the world to see is easy. Getting the world to actually see and enjoy them isn’t. To stand out from the rest, your slides need to be awesome and worthwhile to read. But how do you do this?

Here are 3 major ways and how to go about achieving each:

Indulge your viewer’s eye

  • People do judge a book by its cover. So even from your first slide, it’s imperative you create a powerful cover using eye-catching pictures and compelling words.
  • Font is the king, color is the queen. Studies show that your font and color choices are determining factors of how much your audience will recall your presentation. And just like real kings and queens, make sure both your fonts and colors complement each other well.
  • Everybody loves symbols. Forget long winded texts and paragraphs. When it comes to slides, symbols like icons, illustrations and photographs rule to boost your popularity and improve slide readability.

Indulge your viewer’s mind

  • Create inspirational content. If you have to choose between stimulating your audience’s logic or emotion, choose the latter. Inspirational content is what’ll captivate your audience. It’s what’ll move audience’s hearts making your presentation unforgettable.
  • Create appealing content. The best judge of whether your content is appealing or otherwise is if it can encourage people to share and give their comments.
  • Express one point at a time. Structure your ideas instead of pulling all in one side. Avoid overwhelming your audience with too much content or putting too much information within a single slide.
  • Be unthinkable. Nowadays, there seems to be data overload but still a drought of original ideas. Surprise your audience with extraordinary ideas.  Unique topics or headlines instantly boosts traffic and clicks.

Maintain the relationship with your audience

  • Treat your comments section as a dance floor. You don’t just stop right after indulging your viewers’ eyes and minds. The comment area is where you start connecting and building relationships with your viewers. So make the best use of it by having fun and interacting with them.
  • Have your slides go places. Invite and encourage your viewers to share on social media. When people share on social media, it leads to successful engagement. Remember, your slides can’t be awesome if only one or two people say so.
  • Be regular and precise as clock work. Ensure that you consistently post new and inspiring presentations. Get your audience excited with each new presentation and intrigued about what’s coming next.

What are other ways you’ve tried to make awesome slides on Slideshare? Let us know through your comments below.