Best Business PowerPoint Templates to End 2020!

2020 is almost over. But before we say goodbye to it, let’s take a look at what the year gave us. Here you’ll find a compilation of the very best business PowerPoint templates that came up in 2020. And truth is, there are some really outstanding ones!

This all-star gallery includes the 4 most popular PowerPoint templates of each month. From marketing to remote work to cultural diversity, these amazing presentations cover a wide array of topics that you’ll probably find useful. And they are all completely free to download!

So what are you waiting for? Take your presentations to the next level with this compilation of the best business PowerPoint templates of 2020.

Best free business PowerPoint templates

Let’s go straight to business! The free PowerPoint templates you’ll find in this section are a handpicked selection of the best and most popular presentations our designers here at 24Slides have worked on this year. They cover several different business topics, and they are easily applicable to all types of companies in every field.

Complete Business Case Presentation Template

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

What better way to start this list but with this amazing 20-slide super pack? This presentation is definitely one of the best business PowerPoint templates this year has to offer. Its corporate design has everything you might need to give a complete overview of your business while also looking professional and sharp.

Customer Journey Map Template

customer journey presentation template

In order to improve your business, understanding your clients is key. That’s why is no wonder that this presentation is among the most popular business PowerPoint templates of the year. This colorful PowerPoint pack offers 8 different designs for you to showcase all the steps your customers go through before buying your product.

Business Ethics PowerPoint Template

business ethics powerpoint template

Customers nowadays are looking more than ever for business with ethical en responsible practices. This presentation will help you convey the vision, mission, and values behind your business. Its minimalist design is definitely worth being on the list of the best business PowerPoint templates!

Proof of Concept Template for Projects

proof oc concept powerpoint template

A proof of concept is a “test” to try out the functionality of a specific product or service. It allows you to verify how a theoretical concept can be developed. It’s a great way to showcase that the efforts and resources invested in a project are worth it! These slides include graphs and charts so you can use them to convey all the information needed concerning your project.

Project Kickoff Presentation

free timeline powerpoint template

When starting a project, it’s essential to have everything is crystal clear within your team! Use these slides to give your audience a complete overview of how your project will be implemented, its objectives and goals, and much more. It includes different types of charts and graphs so you can include all relevant information in an easily digestible way.

Milestone Roadmap PowerPoint Template

milestone roadmap presentation template

Tracking your progress is essential in order to reach your goals. That’s why it’s no wonder that this presentation is among the most popular PowerPoint templates of the year! These slides will help you showcase all your past achievements and set forth new ones. And its red design is perfect for catching your audience’s attention from the get-go!

Value Chain Analysis Template

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

Value Chain analysis identifies a company’s steps and operations in its production process. This playful business PowerPoint template is great for highlighting your business’ primary and secondary activities, and the resources each use. Its slides include custom made illustrations and bright colors that will make your presentation one of a kind!

consumer trends powerpoint template

If you’re working in your market research, then you must try out this unique PowerPoint business template. It’ll help you show everything about how your target audience behaves and how to take advantage of it for your business. Its creative design is perfect for creating a presentation that looks both professional and visually appealing!

Engineering Project Management Presentation Template

engineering powerpoint template free

These slides are the very best PowerPoint templates you’ll find when talking about engineering processes. This thematic presentation is perfect for those businesses who operate in this field. Its design includes custom icons and topic-related images. However, they are all easily editable, so you can take advantage of this unique PowerPoint design whichever the field you work on!

Logistics Services Presentation Template

free logistics powerpoint template

If you’re concerned about the supply chain and the logistics that come into play in your business, then this is the template for you! Use these slides for all things storage and transportation. Whether your business is directly related to the logistics services field, or just showcasing how they come into play in your own company, this presentation is a great option!

Best business models and tools PowerPoint templates

Among the many business tools, some had gained special renown thanks to their versatility and applicability. Here you’ll find some of the best free PowerPoint templates inspired by some of the most famous business models and tools out there. You’ll probably hear of most of these, and for a good reason! It’s no wonder that these are among our most popular PowerPoint templates, so why not give them a look?

Business Model Canvas Template

business model canvas powerpoint

The Business Model Canvas was first invented by Alexander Osterwalder in 2005 and has ever since becoming a referent for businesses of all kinds. It is an outstanding tool to convey the value proposition of a business in just one look! That’s why it was no surprise that the Business Model Canvas designs in this pack were among the most popular business PowerPoint templates of 2020.

McKinsey PowerPoint Presentation Template

free McKinsey PowerPoint template

McKinsey & Company is one of the so-called “big three” management consulting companies. Ever since 1964, it has built a reputation for itself as a worldwide business leader. And this free PowerPoint template is inspired by their expertise! These are the perfect corporate slides to make you look professional and trustworthy in front of your audience.

Deloitte PowerPoint Template

free Deloitte PowerPoint template

Another of the “big three” management consulting companies, Deloitte has become famous as a worldwide professional services network. Use this presentation’s slides to tap into all its model potential. This super pack offers 20 of the very best business PowerPoint templates of the year to help you give your audience a complete overview of your business and services.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Template

porters five forces powerpoint template

Porter’s Five Forces is another well-known business tool for companies of all kinds and sizes, all around the globe. It’s the perfect tool for analyzing your competitors and your target market. This presentation is among the most popular business PowerPoint templates of the year thanks to its colorful design and amazing layout.

Design Thinking PowerPoint Presentation

design thinking powerpoint template

Design thinking is definitely one of the most popular methodologies out there nowadays! It is a strategic approach that focuses on understanding the customer in order to create innovative solutions. This free business PowerPoint template perfectly reflects the creative mindset behind design thinking!

There’s no use in having an amazing product if nobody knows it’s available! That’s why strategic marketing is an essential part of every business. These are the very best business PowerPoint templates for 2020 that will help you share your marketing plan and more reach potential customers.

Marketing Analysis PowerPoint Presentation

free marketing powerpoint template

Whether you’re working on your overall marketing plan or a specific campaign, this free PowerPoint template will help you showcase it all in 7 strategic sections. From your market and competitor research to the financial aspects of it all, these slides have everything you could need to give your audience a comprehensive look. Its creative design will help you make your presentation look better and cleaner!

Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

If you’re looking for something more daring and playful, then try this unique PowerPoint business template! Just like the last one, its slides are designed for conveying all things marketing. And its custom illustrations and fun layout will help you create a presentation that truly wows your audience.

Marketing Analysis PowerPoint Template

free marketing analysis powerpoint template

Are the two previous templates too bright for your tastes? Don’t worry, this corporate take on marketing slides is probably just what you were looking for. This is one of the most popular PowerPoint templates of 2020 thanks to its data-oriented slides. You’ll be able to use all its graphs and charts to convey all the cold hard numbers concerning your marketing plan.

E-commerce Marketing Plan Template

e commerce powerpoint template

Internet-based businesses, or e-commerce, are a whole world on their own. And as such, they deserve their own business PowerPoint template! The slides in this pack will help you showcase your SWOT analysis, set growth plans, and track your progress.

Influencer Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

marketing influencer presentation template

Influencers can become key players in your marketing strategy when used correctly! With the rise of social media, influencers can take a huge role when it comes to deciding what’s ‘in’. Use this template to show your audience what is your plan concerning influencers. Its playful design is perfect for highlighting the creative part of the social media process!

Instagram PowerPoint Template

free instagram powerpoint template

And talking about social media, our Instagram presentation is one of the most popular business PowerPoint templates of the year. These slides will help you showcase your marketing plan concerning Instagram. Its design perfectly mirrors this social media’s color palette in order to create a beautiful and unique themed PowerPoint presentation.

YouTube PowerPoint Template

free youtube powerpoint template

Finally, we can’t forget about YouTube! This video platform has unlimited potential for creating content that attracts potential customers and introduces them to your brand. Its design is perfect for showcasing how you plan to approach YouTube. These are some of the most popular PowerPoint slide templates thanks to their unique design that makes for a truly unique presentation.

Before getting your business going, planning ahead is a must! That’s why it’s no surprise that some of the best business PowerPoint templates of this year have been slides concerning organization and planning. The slides in this section will offer you some outstanding options to make sure your presentation looks clean and sharp and everything is crystal clear between you and your audience.

Creative Table of Contents Template

table of contents powerpoint template pack

A table of contents is an excellent tool to add to your presentations. It helps you keep your presentation organized, and help your audience be clear on what they should expect from it. That’s why this presentation is among the best business PowerPoint templates of the year! In this pack, you’ll find 8 different designs you can use for adding a table of contents to your presentation.

Survey Results PowerPoint Template

powerpoint survey template

Surveys are outstanding sources of information. By surveying a group of people, you’ll get to understand their point of view on a specific topic. This free PowerPoint template is perfect for organizing all your survey data and presenting it in a visually engaging and effective way. If you want to survey your own audience in real-time, here are some easy options for boosting audience engagement in your presentations.

Weekly Plan PowerPoint Template

weekly plan powerpoint template

Planning ahead will help you be more organized and better prepared. And this free business PowerPoint template is the best way to share it with your team! This pack includes several different options for you to share what’s the week going to bring. It’s no wonder that this presentation is among the most popular PowerPoint templates of 2020. Its clean design is perfect for all kinds of businesses!

Fun Brainstorming PowerPoint Template

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

Brainstorming is an excellent way to boost creativity and discover new and exciting ideas. This fun PowerPoint will help you display the process of brainstorming and showcase the ideas that come out of it. Encourage participation with this template’s beautiful custom illustrations and unique design!

Yearly Timeline PowerPoint Template

free timeline powerpoint template

If you’re looking to convey chronological information, then a timeline is definitely the way to go! While you can find many different timeline designs in our Templates by 24Slides platform, this one was definitely the most popular PowerPoint template to come out this year. Whether you’re looking for a traditional horizontal timeline or something more unique, this template pack will surely have something for you!

Online Event Schedule Template

powerpoint event template

Whether online or face-to-face, organizing an event is no easy task! This free PowerPoint template will help you plan for upcoming events and make sure that you’ve everything really for your big day. Its design with a dark background and splashes of color will make your audience keep looking forward to your event!

Free PowerPoint graphic resources templates

PowerPoint is, above everything else, a visual aid for your presentations. Here you’ll find the best visual elements PowerPoint templates for your business presentations. Icons, circle graphs, roadmaps, you name it!

Circle Infographics for Business Presentations

circle graphs powerpoint templates

If you’re are looking for ways to convey your information in a more visually appealing way, check out this presentation! Circles can help you give your presentation a more professional look, and are perfect for conveying recurring processes or events. That’s why this circle infographic pack is one of the best business PowerPoint templates of the year!

Circle Mind Map Template

circle mind maps powerpoint templates

If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for in the last template, don’t worry! Here are some extra circle-based designs that have also make their way to the most popular PowerPoint templates of the year list. These circle mind maps are perfect for connecting different concepts and showcasing different elements of a whole.

Gears for PowerPoint Presentations

gears powerpoint template

Gears are the perfect symbol for conveying working in conjunction. Just like a well-oiled machine, this free PowerPoint template will help you showcase how different parts of your business connect and work together to achieve a common goal. It’s a unique design that easily gained this presentation a spot in the best business PowerPoint templates of the year list!

Creative Certificate Template

certificate powerpoint template

PowerPoint can be used for so much more than just presentations! PowerPoint straight-forward tools and easily editable features are great options for creating custom designs, like this certificate template. Recognizing your employees’ work and giving credit where credit is due is a great way to improve productivity and satisfaction in your team.

50 Doodle Icons for PowerPoint Presentations

free doodle icons powerpoint template pack

Icons are some of the best, more versatile tools at your disposal when working on a PowerPoint presentation. They are great because they can convey tons of information in a small space while still being visually engaging. These doodle-style icons will definitely help you create a unique, eye-catching presentation!

Playful Process Map Template

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

All companies demand complex processes that go from the ideation process to production steps to the logistics of distribution and storage. These slides are some of the best business PowerPoint templates of the year because they’ll allow you to give your audience a complete overview of all these processes. And, they’ll make it in a visually appealing way that’s both easier to understand and more eye-catching!

If there’s something that has been on the rise in 2020 y definitely technological services. Many businesses had had to adapt and convert to a more digital approach to business. It’s no wonder that so many technology-related presentations have made it to the list of the best business PowerPoint presentations of the year!

Remote Work PowerPoint Template

remote work powerpoint template

It’s no wonder that this presentation is one of the most popular business PowerPoint templates of the year! Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially if your team is not used to this dynamic. This PowerPoint template will help you improve your organization and productivity when considering remote work.

Online Recruitment Presentation Template

e recruitment powerpoint template

Now that we’ve tackled remote working, what about recruiting? E-recruitment is fairly common among businesses, especially those who use an offshoring model. This free PowerPoint business template will allow you to display every aspect of your online recruitment process. Share with your team all the steps you’ll take to attract and evaluate potential candidates.

Remote Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation

remote onboardin powerpoint template

And while remote working and e-recruitment are challenging, so is a remote onboarding process! Now that you’ve remotely hired a new employee, distance onboarding is something that must also be taken into consideration. Share your step-by-step onboarding culture and your company value and team members with this free business PowerPoint template.

Digital Transformation PowerPoint Template

digital transformation powerpoint template

In order to adapt to the new, technology-driven world, many businesses are going through a digital transformation in order to stay modern and up to date. That’s why this is one of the most popular business PowerPoint templates of the year! Use these slides to convey your digital transformation plan, steps, goals, and so on.

Cyber Security PowerPoint Template

cyber security powerpoint template free

But precisely because we are becoming more dependable on digital technologies, cybersecurity has become one of the most important issues to tackle for businesses nowadays. Cybersecurity is a challenge for businesses of all types and sizes, which makes this presentation one of the best business PowerPoint templates you’ll find out there!

Smart City PowerPoint Template

smart city powerpoint template

Technology has really permeated through all aspects of our life and the rise of smart cities is proof of that. Smart cities use digital technologies to collect data in order to use their resources more efficiently. These technological city-themed slides will help you showcase everything about how smart cities work and their ups and downs.

Video Game Pitch Deck Template

video game pitch powerpoint template

It’s no wonder that this presentation is among the most popular PowerPoint templates of the year! The video game market is growing more than ever, and these slides are the perfect way to display your pitch. It’s fun and unique design will make sure that you stand out from the crowd!

Netflix PowerPoint Template

free netflix powerpoint template

One of the biggest development of the decade are streaming platforms. They have completely taken the world by storm, and have forever change the way we consume entertainment. This Netflix-themed presentation is definitely the best PowerPoint template you’ll find concerning this topic!

Finally, education-themed presentations have stayed as some of the most popular PowerPoint of the year. That’s no surprise, as PowerPoint is a great didactic tool for learning pretty much anything. While we usually think about school when talking about education, there’re still many things to learn in business everyday life! Add some vintage feel to your presentations with a chalkboard design, or highlight the importance of cultural diversity, or even quiz your audience with these amazing free PowerPoint templates.

Creative Chalkboard Template

chalkboard vintage powerpoint template

If you’re looking for a unique PowerPoint template, then this one is the perfect one for you! Give your presentation a more “old-school” look by using this creative chalkboard design. While it’s perfect for school-related presentations, it’s still a great option for businesses, as it includes graphs and charts to display visually all your data.

School Themed PowerPoint Template

school powerpoint template

If you’re trying to give your audience an overview of the academic offer, then you might want to check this free PowerPoint template out! Share your year plan and program with your audience. Its purple design and custom illustrations are perfect for conveying the fun part of learning!

Parenting PowerPoint Presentation

parents and kinds powerpoint template

This colorful PowerPoint template will give you all the tools you might need to convey how working and interacting with kids is like. For those on the educational system, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best PowerPoint templates you’ll find!

Cultural Diversity PowerPoint Presentation

best business powerpoint templates of 2020

This is by far one of the most popular business PowerPoint templates on our platform and no wonder why! Cultural diversity is a really important topic to tackle inside businesses, especially those with offices in different countries. Use these slides to showcase different experiences among cultures and encourage empathy and respect.

Nature PowerPoint Template

nature environment green powerpoint template free

If you want to work on a presentation related to the environment, then you should take a look at this template! Its amazing design will make all information pop up and its illustrations and pictures will perfectly complement the nature theme. You might also want to take a look at these green PowerPoint templates selection!

Creative Quiz PowerPoint Template

fun quiz powerpoint template for audience engagement

Quizzes are a great way to make sure you’re audience is taking away with them the most important points of your presentation. You can also use real-time quizzes to boost your audience engagement during a presentation. This free PowerPoint template is the perfect base for getting your audience to participate more!

So here you have it! Our all-star gallery of most popular business templates of 2020. These are just some of the many more that we are available at our Templates by 24Slides platform. And they are all completely free! So if you haven’t found out exactly what you were looking for, go give it a look! You can download as many as you want, edit them, and even mix and match slides to create your perfect presentation!

Get your own custom slides!

Templates are a great option for improving your presentation’s design quality and giving it a more polished look. However, editing and working on your slides still takes time. If you want a PowerPoint design that will truly wow your audience, 24Slides offers professional PowerPoint presentation design. You can rest assured that the final product will be something that will make your audience remember you long after the presentation is over!

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