The Best Free Google Slides Themes

Creating presentations can be a time-consuming, tedious affair. So we’ve compiled the very best corporate Google Slides themes around. Google Slides already comes with a few built-in themes but there isn’t much variety, and having the same look for your presentation as everyone won’t help it stand out. That’s where this list comes in.

But as we were searching the web for great Google Slides themes, we found the quality we found wasn’t as high as we’d like. Even the paid options fall below the standards we’d expect. So, we decided to just go ahead ourselves and design four custom corporate Google Slides themes just for you!

We’ve designed them based on the top 10 corporate presentation trends for 2017. You won’t find these anywhere else on the web so your presentation is sure to stand out in your next boardroom meeting. You’re welcome to use them as you like and share them around (as long as you don’t sell them).

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Free Corporate Google Slides Theme #1
SWOT Analysis Slide Pack

Free Google Slides Templates - SWOT Analysis Slide Pack

This corporate Google Slides theme has everything you need to present your SWOT analysis. Everything is completely editable so you can just insert your content quickly and easily. Simply swap out our logo for yours, remove any extra slides you don’t need and you’re ready to go!


Free Corporate Google Slides Theme #2
Data-Driven Corporate Slide Pack

Free Google Slides Templates - Data Driven Corporate Slide Pack

This collection of 9 slides gives you all the tools you need to present your data in a clear and compelling way. You get a wide range of bar charts, pie charts and line graphs than you can easily apply your data to. You can even take the slides you need and insert them into one of the other slide packs.


Free Corporate Google Slides Theme #3
Digital Product Slide Pack

Free Google Slides Templates - Digital Product Slide Pack

Our digital product Google Slides theme contains 11 slides to show off your digital products. Whether it’s sales, uptake, or showcasing your software, you’ll find everything you need in this clean and slick template.


Free Corporate Google Slides Theme #4
The Ultimate Corporate Slide Pack

Free Google Slides Templates - Ultimate Corporate Slide Pack

Our mammoth Ultimate Corporate Google Slides Theme contains 23 professional slides that will cover everything you could possibly need in a presentation. You get multiple types of graphs, maps, org charts, gantt charts and diagrams. All laid out in professional looking colors and styles.


Want something even more unique?

At 24Slides we’re happy to provide these themes for free. It gives us an opportunity to showcase the amazing talents of our designers. But sometimes a theme just doesn’t cut it. It might be that your data is extremely complex, the client is too important or you simply don’t have the time to fiddle around. In that case we’d be happy to help you out with a custom presentation design. It’s surprisingly affordable – starting at just $9 per slide. If you’re interested, you can simply send us a brief or a presentation for a free quote. Click here to get started.


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