The Best Free PowerPoint Templates in September 2019

September has already arrived, and here at 24Slides, our designers have been creating some out-of-this-world PowerPoint slides. We have handpicked 2 of the best, so you can download these amazing, free PowerPoint templates and get your presentations to the next level. 


Corporate Title Slides | PowerPoint Template Pack


section slides free template

It is easy to get lost in presentations, especially if they are long, or have several topics. A clear structure can go a long way in guiding your public through the different parts of your presentation. With the slides on this PowerPoint template, you can be sure they know exactly in which section they are.

section slides powerpoint template


All the slides are customizable, making it easy to change color, fonts, and figures as you wish. This way, you can make sure it will fit the color palette and overall style and theme of your presentation. Check out all the different art styles of section slides! In this PowerPoint template you can find minimalistic styles, geometrical styles, graphic styles, and many more. This beautifully designed title slides will give your PowerPoint the final touch for a polished and professional look.

section slides free powerpoint template

Slides such as these will allow you to introduce new topics in a creative way that will catch your audience’s attention. It will help you highlight the most relevant sections and guide better the public’s attention through your presentation’s structure. 


Lessons Learned Powerpoint Template

lessons learned powerpoint template

True effectiveness is not to do everything perfectly from the start, but to learn from each thing you do. Whether it is how to improve something already good, or why a project was not as successful as expected, the most important thing is to learn from it. That is why this “Lessons Learned” template is so great. 

lessons learned free template

This PowerPoint template will allow you to identify not only what you have done well, but also what you can improve in the future. Documenting both successes and shortcomings can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and, over time, use them to grow. With this template, you will be able to share these findings with the rest of your team in an organized, engaging, eye-catching manner. 

lessons learned free powerpoint template

There is not just one type of thing you can get out from an experience. That is why this template has different types of slides. In this pack you can find slides with icons, listings, relationship charts, and quantity-based graphs, and much more. All these will grant you all the tools you need to showcase your lessons learned. 


You can download these 2 free PowerPoint templates (and many, many more!) in Templates by 24Slides.