The 22 Best PowerPoint Templates for December 2019

The end of the year is already upon us. But before 2020 begins, our designers here at 24Slides have even more amazing templates to offer. From general reports for every type of company to more specific business tools, we got you covered! Our designers have also been working in some beautiful themed PowerPoint templates for this December. Here you’ll find 22 of the very best presentation templates, completely free!


Corporate and Business Models Presentation Templates

The December PowerPoint templates that you’ll find in this section answer to businesses’ specific needs. These templates can be used to do presentations concerning classic tools for analysis and development. With tools like PEST or SWOT analyses, businesses can break down different elements and aspects that may affect them, and find ways to increase their productivity or just better their product altogether. Just as the analyses mentioned before, these templates will allow you to showcase your investigation and your findings in a clear, appealing way.


GAP Analysis PowerPoint Template

free gap analysis powerpoint template

A gap analysis is a great tool to assess a company’s performance. Just as its name says, it focuses on analyzing the current situation of a company, and where it should be according to its goals and expectations. The further away these two are, the bigger the gap will be. This free PowerPoint template has everything you could need to make an effective Gap Analysis. In its 10 slides, you’ll find ones perfect for introducing your audience to your current situation, the goals you aspire to reach, and the overall process and steps you have taken towards them. You also have several slides to show the contrast between them, and how you’re planning to close the gap.


Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template

marketing strategy presentation template

Marketing is one of the most vital steps for getting your product out. In order to reach your target public, you must have a clear strategy, and make sure all your team commits to it. This PowerPoint template will allow you to bring all your team onboard with your action plan for marketing your product. The slides with graphs and charts will allow you to show the stats and set specific KPIs. This will allow you to evaluate your performance afterward and see how close you were to your goals, so you can polish and tune your marketing strategy in the future.


Six Sigma Project Charter Template

six sigma template

Six Sigma is a methodology used to optimize processes and prune defects. The great thing about this tool is that it’s useful for any kind of business or process inside a company. The only way to improve is to identify potential mistakes that might be holding you down and working in overcoming them. And the Six Sigma methodology is perfect for doing just that. This PowerPoint template colorful slides and layout will help you convey your information as easy as possible. It has processes slides, team slides, map slides, and much more: everything you could need for your Six Sigma Charter.


Transition Plan Template

december powerpoint free templates

Anything that doesn’t evolve is doomed to be eventually replaced by something newer and better. That’s why it is so important to keep things changing and improving. With this Transition Plan PowerPoint template, you will be able to guide your team through the changes and make them less scary. The slides in this deck are great for showing processes and step-by-step management. It has circular and stairs diagrams, timelines, and charts. Whether it is for your business as a whole, a specific project, or even a leadership position, this template will help you convey clearly the changes coming ahead.


Driver Diagrams Template Pack

drive diagram powerpoint template

Driver diagrams are a business tool that helps you visualize all the elements that take part in or affect a determined process. What is great about this kind of diagram is that it allows you to convey cause-and-effect or dependence relationship between elements. It allows you to show what “drives” what and how are things interconnected in your business. This deck includes both simple and complex driver diagrams, so you can pick whichever fits you the best.


After Action Review Presentation

after action presentation template

If you can learn from a failure, then it’s not a failure. And even if your project or campaign was a success, there are still many things you learn from it. The only way to keep moving forward is to learn from everything and to keep polishing and improving every single time. This After-Action Review will help you to analyze with your team what went wrong and what went right, and how can you grow from it. This PowerPoint template is especially important in December, where you can use it to evaluate your year and see what you can still improve next. It includes processes slides, team slides, and market slides, so no even one variable is left unanalyzed.


Best Report PowerPoint Templates for December

The December PowerPoint templates in this category will fit any type of business or project. Reports are an essential part of any company, to communicate and inform about the current developments inside each department. And presentation templates for reports are especially useful. No matter how many reports you do, they’re no good if no one reads them. And let’s be honest, many times people don’t read them, or not with the attention we need them to. Doing a presentation on your reports is a great way to make sure your coworkers are informed and to highlight the parts you think are more relevant. These templates here will help you turn your report into the perfect presentation!


Weekly Status Report Template

weekly report free template

This free PowerPoint template is a great way to keep your team updated week after week. If you have weekly team meetings, for example, this template will certainly be a game-changer for you. It allows you to track your progress and set new goals for upcoming deadlines. The best thing about this template is it’s that it’s very data-driven. It has several slides with charts and graphs that will help you to convey better all the quantitative information you may have. It also includes a timeline slide, so you can put things into contexts, and show what has been done before and what will come afterward.


Creative Waves PowerPoint Template

december free powerpoint templates

This PowerPoint waves template is a great way to give your presentation more dynamism. Sometimes we underestimate the effect the design can have on the audience, but believe it: design matters! The waves give this presentation a much more friendly feel than straight lines, that convey rigidity and inflexibility. While the blue palette makes us think in the ocean. Blue is a naturally calming, relaxing color, that at the same time still conveys professionalism and sobriety. This presentation template gets together the best of both worlds with a slide deck filled with graphs and diagrams with an easy-going style while still remaining professional and business-like.


Project Status Presentation Template

project status powerpoint template

This December PowerPoint template is ideal for end of year reports. It’s vital to know on what stage your projects are and how they’re developing. This PowerPoint template gives you all the tools you may need to do your Project Status report. It includes slides for the agenda, data graphs, issues, risks, and a summary, and many more. It also maintains a clean and professional dark blue theme that will help you showcase all your information in a concise, easily understandable way.


Playful Brainstorming Session Template

december free powerpoint template brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the best tools for work teams. It helps to generate ideas and encourages out of the box thinking. However, once you’re done with the brainstorming it’s important to prune and polish all those ideas that have come out of it. This presentation template is great to organize all that raw material the team is creating. Its playful design and bright color will keep the audience’s attention fixed in the presentation. This template also has a very non-rigid layout, so it’ll be much easier to fit the dynamic thought process of the whole team.


Technology Roadmap Template

roadmap presentation template

Roadmaps are one of the most classic types of business reports there are because they can be applied to almost anything. Every single product, project, and campaign has a development that needs to be carefully planned and executed. In this case, it’s especially vital for technology nowadays, since it changes so quickly all the time. This template will help you show your audience which road and changes you’re taking in the technology areas. It has zig-zag, vertical, horizontal, circular roadmaps… you pick!


Creative Product Roadmap Presentation

december powerpoint template roadmap

This PowerPoint template is another roadmap collection that can be used for any project or enterprise you’re thinking of. This is an incredibly complete slide deck: it includes a product roadmap and a product timeline. This way all your team will be crystal clear about what are all the steps of the process of production. But it also includes a product concept slide, target market and market analysis slides, a product testing slide… It’s really all you need for doing complex product analysis.


Other Business Resources for December

There is more to business than just reports and business models, and our designers know that very well. That’s why this December PowerPoint templates also include some extra resources. Flyers, resumes, maps… All these templates will help you get a more professional, clean look to anything you want to do.


Creative Flyer Template

free flyer powerpoint template

Did you know you could easily design flyers in PowerPoint? While most people usually use this software to create presentations, there are many amazing things you can do in PowerPoint. However, if you don’t want to waste any time designing them yourself, here you’ll find 8 beautifully design flyer templates. You’ll find event flyers, sales flyers, food menus, and so on. As with all the other templates, all these are easy to edit and ready to be used.


Creative Resume Template

resume presentation template

A bad resume can be the difference between getting hired and not. You certainly want to keep your resume professional, but still making it appealing enough that people will give it a second look. And that balance can be hard to reach. With this template, you’ll rest assured that your resume looks both sharp and professional. Its creative layout will allow you to showcase all your information in a more eye-catching way. For example, the timeline slide for your work experience, or the professional skills slide. Job searching can be hard, but with this template, you’ll certainly make an impression!


Creative Keynote Conference PowerPoint Template

keynote presentation template powerpoint

Keynote Conferences are the ones that set the tone into a bigger event. Obviously, this means there is a lot of pressure on giving a good one when you’re the one selected to do so. Keynote conferences should connect the audience to the bigger topic of the event. They should be inspiring and moving. This template has both a sleek and versatile design, so you can give the Keynote presentation you were meant to.


Creative World Map PowerPoint Template

powerpoint maps free templates

Map slides can be the icing on the cake of a PowerPoint presentation. It’s very different to hear where your business has offices on than to actually see it on a map. Graphs and diagrams work so well in a presentation because humans are mostly visual creatures. And maps work exactly the same. You can use the slides in this deck to compare business locations or to showcase potential markets. You’ll find here several types of maps, world maps, United States maps and UK maps. If these ones aren’t doing it for you, though, you can always check out our amazing map templates library. You will definitely find one that fits your needs.


Themed Presentation Templates

As always, our designers have also been working on some beautiful themed PowerPoint templates for December. If any of these topics fit your presentation, you can be sure that your audience won’t forget about it any time soon.


Biology PowerPoint Template

biology presentation template

Biology can be a difficult topic to maintain your audience’s attention. This template will help you turn any boring presentation into an eye-catching, beautiful one. All the slides have customized design concerning the topic of od science, so you can really show your audience what’s all about. It’s hypothesis slides will help you showcase all your scientific discoveries in a fun, appealing way.


Teacher Lesson Plan PowerPoint Template

teacher powerpoint template

Teachers’ jobs are certainly hard. It demands a lot of planning to organize the lessons for a whole semester and make sure that all your students reach their goals and objectives. That’s why you must use this template if you’re a teacher. It’s a great way to plan your lessons and set clear objectives for the semester. This slide deck has a beautiful playful design that will make your presentation fun while still keeping it professional.


Fall Season PowerPoint Template

december fall powerpoint template

Fall is many people’s favorite season. There’s something special about the weather, the falling leaves, and cozy sweaters. Even if you aren’t doing a presentation exclusively on the topic of Fall, this template beautiful palette will certainly make any presentation stand out. It has amazing customized vector images and icons that will take your presentation to the next level. Why not give it a chance?


Creative Chinese Presentation

china free powerpoint template

China has been going through an economic boom in the last decades, making it a great option for businesses. If you want to sell this idea to potential investors or to your stakeholders, why not sell the whole picture? Present your data and market analysis in this great Chinese-themed PowerPoint template. Your audience won’t be able to lose focus from the prize!


Playful Japanese Presentation

japan free powerpoint template

Japan is a beautiful country, with a rich history and traditions. It has also become one of the “Asian giants” in the last few years. Whether it is for business or tourism, this PowerPoint template will showcase all your information through Japanese imagery. It includes great title slides, graphs and percentages slides, customized bullet point slides, and a team slide. If Japan is the topic of your presentation, then this template is for you!


Creative Autumn PowerPoint Template

autumn free powerpoint template

Just like the Fall template, this one gives you a great chance to use the beautiful autumn palette in your presentation. Its design with trees and leaves and the green-brown scheme will help you make a truly memorable presentation. This deck includes a great worldwide map and circular diagram in case you need some data-driven slides. And, as always, some great titles and bullet point slides for all your content.


Looking for something a little bit more festive? Don’t forget to check out our Christmas and New Year PowerPoint templates for this December!