The Best PowerPoint Themes For Awesome Presentations

You’ve been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation. You’re pumped up, this is your time to shine. Above that, you know you can do this, you’re born ready. The voice inside you tells you that you’re capable creating the best PowerPoint designs if you really put your mind to it. You got the confidence to present in front of people. You crack your fingers, stretch your arms, flex your neck, and you’re now ready to face your computer.

Then you’re hit with a realization:

What PowerPoint theme should you choose to complement your presentation? You have the materials needed, but do you have the proper medium to make sure your presentation and your creativity are highlighted?

To some, customization is a wonderful thing since you have the freedom to modify an existing template into something that’s entirely your own. However, some people think that too much freedom is a challenge. Maybe because there are a lot of choices out there, or maybe because they don’t know what to do or where to start. Who knows? Nevertheless, this article will help you narrow your options and nail that PowerPoint presentation.

Stay Away From Default PowerPoint Themes

The templates that are shipped with the PowerPoint software aren’t visually appealing (only Microsoft will say that they provide the best PowerPoint themes). You don’t want to be ridiculed by your audience simply because you chose an old template that’s been used in millions of presentations over the years!

There’s a lot of options if you just do a simple search on Google. And I am here to help you narrow down your options. Technically, it’s up to you how you’ll use a theme, but I’d like to present you different options that you can choose from. The best part is that most of my recommended options can be downloaded for free.

Let’s begin!

Minimalist Design Is In

Less is more. Simplicity is the beauty. Obviously, we all want to highlight our presentation content, but this is especially true with minimalist themes. They offer the best of both worlds, especially if you are doing it right. So, you get to have your presentation content emphasized while still making sure your slides are aesthetically pleasing.

A good place to start searching for themes would be at Hipsthetic. There are eight options to choose from, and personally, I think they are all beautiful. Just click on the link that’s following your chosen theme and find out how to download it from the redirected page.

Web Designer Depot offers a free “Every” minimalist PowerPoint theme. All you have to do is put in your email address to access the downloadable link. Quick alert: putting in your email address will let you download the theme, BUT it will also subscribe you to their marketing list so you might want to consider that. Anyways, I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker because you can unsubscribe anytime and you’ll still get to keep the theme.

Furthermore, I personally like the themes offered on Tutsplus. They are gorgeous and visually compelling. It’s a huge confidence-boosting factor for me if my slides are good eye candy. It makes me feel fantastic showing my slides and knowing that they’ll surely exude professionalism and effort. The only thing though is that these are paid themes, so I recommend them only if you have the spare cash to invest. Anyhow, it’s free to browse through the site to get inspiration for the best, award-winning and powerful PowerPoint presentation examples!

Formal or Business PowerPoint Themes

When looking for themes with good design in this category, make sure you know your content so that it’ll be easier to choose which theme will go with it. Are you trying to present something about consumerism? Use green colors with designs like a price tag or grocery items. Are you presenting about economic growth? Use themes with bar, graph, or chart designs. I think you get the point.

A good website to look for themes in a business setting would be GraphicMama. I have to admit that the template designs there are simply great and make for good PowerPoint presentation slides examples. They have the modern touch that millennials would approve.  They have a lot of designs to offer, but those templates on that specific page are more catered to a formal or corporate setting.

Another good website would be Presentation Go. They have a simplistic approach to business themes but don’t let that turn you off because their themes are beautiful in their own right.

The themes offered by both of these websites are FREE.

Multi-Purpose PowerPoint Themes

If your content doesn’t fall under the business category, or if you don’t feel like using a minimalist theme, fear not! There are a lot of multi-purpose themes out there that you can use according to your needs.

Presentation Magazine claims to have 50,302 templates to choose from. That is a LOT. I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll fit your needs, as long as you are patient with looking for the right theme. Some of them are pretty basic, but some of them are really good as well.

Moreover, the options from Slides Carnival are also good. Here, you can find a little bit of everything: minimalist, business, classroom, and a whole lot more. The themes are visually appealing as well, so that’s a plus point. They’re free as well, so have fun browsing!

What Happens Next?

Good question. Let’s say that now you have your content and your theme. So, you’re ready to create one of the best PowerPoint presentations your audience is ever going to see. It’s time to impress people with your presentation!

Remember: a good slideshow will not only depend on the content but also on how you present it.

Firstly, make sure you use the appropriate fonts, choose complementing colors, utilize negative spacing, and make sure the text is readable.

Moreover, make sure the text that is shown is concise. Yet, leave a bit more of it for yourself so you can have a conversational flow.

Lastly, use the appropriate visual aid like pictures, graphs, and charts to drive your point across. Thus, when using pictures, verify that the quality is good. Nothing ruins a good slide than a pixelated picture.

If you don’t have time for mastering your own slides, at 24slides, we spice up PowerPoint presentations with professional design techniques and loads of creativity. We create beautiful presentations from scratch and redesign existing ones. Take a look at some of our presentation examples and let’s get in touch.

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