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Discover useful and inspiring business and leadership lessons, marketing tricks and communication tips that will boost your performance throughout busy weeks. If you often find yourself browsing for useful and inspirational content across the web within the subjects that matter to you, then we got you covered.

In this topic, you can read about how you can manage your time if you’re a busy executive, or how to market if you’re on a tight budget. Besides, you can learn how to deliver great customer servicecustomer retention tactics, or why you should invest in professional PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

best business PowerPoint templates
2020 is almost over. But before we say goodbye to it, let’s take a look at what the year gave us. Here you’ll find a compilation of the very best business PowerPoint templates that came up in 2020. And truth is, there are some really outstanding ones! This all-star gallery includes the 4 most popular...
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Annual Planning Steps
It’s that time of the year when annual planning returns to the top of your list. And while you already have some great ideas in mind, the hardest part is to document and lay out the whole plan. So today I’ll show you 15 free annual planning templates you can download right away and use...
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risks of outsourcing
Outsourcing has become a very common practice for businesses of all kinds. But one very important downside to outsourcing is the security risks it might entail. Hiring a third-party provider can be quite daunting when it means sharing inside business information and data. It’s vital that you assess the risks of outsourcing and evaluate the...
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market research PowerPoint templates
When planning your business, market research is one of the most important tasks to work in. It allows you to set your target market, understand potential customers and their needs, and evaluate the competition in order to get an advantage over them. These market research and competitor analysis PowerPoint templates will help you convey all...
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OKR goals
Setting OKR goals can help you improve and grow your business. In the last years, the OKR methodology has become more and more popular. Huge companies such as Google and Adobe have made it a key part of their business strategy. Get a sneak-peek into what OKR goals are, how to set them, and how...
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custom PowerPoint design dedicated teams
PowerPoint is an amazing tool to accompany your presentations. But if you’re someone who works constantly with them, you know how much time it can take. Luckily, there’s a great option for getting rid of this task forever: dedicated PowerPoint design teams! Custom PowerPoint design is an excellent option for businesses looking to save both...
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video conference presentation share screen PowerPoint
Video conference tools have become incredibly popular in the last months. They allow you to keep in touch with your team, contact potential customers and investors, and do pretty much everything you could do in person. But precisely because you’re not interacting face to face, getting your point across can be extra tricky. PowerPoint can...
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what is outsourcing infographic
What is outsourcing? This business practice has taken the world by storm. You might be asking yourself if you should start outsourcing too. But, what to outsource? And why? What are the benefits and dangers of outsourcing? This Outsourcing Infographic will give you a complete overview of what outsourcing really is. And most importantly, why...
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outsourcing presentation design process
Outsourcing has become a more and more common practice among businesses of all kinds. It allows you to refocus resources, and become more efficient while also getting more professional results. And what better than to outsource presentation design and get rid forever from PowerPoint? Learn the 24Slides presentation services outsourcing process to see how easy...
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process of outsourcing presentation design services
Outsourcing presentation design might be one of the best things to happen to your company. It lowers costs, leaves more time for your employees to focus on their work, and assures that you end up with amazing presentations that will wow your audience. However, it might be a little daunting at first. How do you...
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