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Discover useful and inspiring business and leadership lessons, marketing tricks and communication tips that will boost your performance throughout busy weeks. If you often find yourself browsing for useful and inspirational content across the web within the subjects that matter to you, then we got you covered.

In this topic, you can read about how you can manage your time if you’re a busy executive, or how to market if you’re on a tight budget. Besides, you can learn how to deliver great customer servicecustomer retention tactics, or why you should invest in professional PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

Knowing how to start a presentation with impact is all about understanding the art of start-lines.
10 Tips on How to Start a Presentation with Impact We all know that first impressions are the most important. That’s why there’s so much information around about how to start something. But to know how to start a presentation with impact, we need to understand the art of beginnings. In this article, I’ll outline...
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Influence of positive psychology on companies like google
The traditional dog-eat-dog world of business is transforming. Companies are rejecting negative reinforcement, competitive motivation, and individualistic working. Many are focusing on positive reinforcement, collaborative projects, and teamwork. Positive psychology is a key part of that transformation. You can also be part of the movement. Read more to learn about using this psychology topic in...
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To see some great examples of powerful brand storytelling techniques, look at big brands like Coca-Cola and Ikea.
6 Powerful Brand Storytelling Techniques You Can Start Using Today Brand storytelling has become a crucial part of marketing in the digital age. If your brand doesn’t have a story – it’s just noise. It’s just one option in the sea of other, more recognizable names. Telling your story in a powerful way is important...
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Best Customer Service Blogs - screenshot of HelpScout blog page
In this article, I’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the top business blogs you should read in 2018 and beyond. If you want to stay abreast of all things business, or you want to learn new ideas that will help you grow and expand your business, then check out the blogs we’ve outlined below. Best...
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Prezi Basics template options
If you’re looking for the best PowerPoint alternatives (both desktop and web-based), then you’re reading the right article. You’re going to learn what the top 10 free presentation tools for corporate presenters are! PowerPoint is seemingly ubiquitous – you see it practically everywhere. On most Windows computers, you expect to see Microsoft Office (and PowerPoint)...
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One of my main tasks as a Head of Operations at 24slides is communicating with existing and potential customers. As our customers are located all over the world, I write emails. A lot of emails. I write emails to update and inform customers, to check in, to evaluate processes, to schedule meetings, you name it...
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By now you’ve heard the buzz… You’ve seen the notifications on Amazon, Google and Facebook… Net neutrality protections are on the chopping block in the U.S. And the future of online access is increasingly uncertain. But what is Net Neutrality? And what does it have to do with great design? Net neutrality refers to the idea that...
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Business presentation powerpoint
We call it “death by PowerPoint” in our office. You have seen these presentations too. So many words on one page, boring inadequate designs, more slides than you can actually present in an hour, a monotone look, a monotone voice and a guaranteed nap time for many in the room. This is not putting your...
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PowerPoint Tutorial
Business sales team rely on different content types for each phase of the sales process. From customer prospecting to closing the deal and everything in between, a sales representative will call upon email templates, online product presentation slides and making a sales pitch in person. For all these sales activities, there are established business assets...
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write email that get replys
Do you write email after email to no avail? Are you wondering why recipients don’t respond and if you are doing something wrong? If so, you are not alone. Email is a unique medium with its own set of challenges. However, there are some etiquette rules and research that can give you insights on how...
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