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A well-designed template can drastically cut down the time you need to spend working on a presentation. And it can elevate the impact of your deck to a whole new level. Whether you’re after a PowerPoint template, a Google Slides theme or a Keynote template, you’ll find it here. To get you started, here are the best google slides themes on the web!

free PowerPoint templates march 2020
March has arrived and spring is finally here! This has definitely inspired our designers: They have made over 30 amazing PowerPoint templates for this month. From project development to science-themed, any of these templates will give you a unique design to help you take your presentation to new heights. And, the best part is that...
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green PowerPoint templates
Green: the color of nature, good luck, and hope. But also the color of jealousy and money. Green is a fairly common color when talking business. Maybe your company’s color palette has green tones on it. Or maybe you’re trying to make a presentation that conveys the fresh and calming effect of this color. Either...
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business canvas february powerpoint templates
February is already here! And our designers here at 24Slides have been working harder than ever to bring some truly unique and amazing templates. As always, you’ll find templates for business models that can help you convey better specific aspects of strategies for your company. You’ll also find themed presentations, with designs based on a...
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facebook social media presentation template
For good or for bad, Social Media has changed our lives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… These are all words that are part of our daily life now. Millions of people spend hours a day checking their social media platforms. And this phenomenon is an excellent opportunity for business. Digital Marketing has evolved a lot in the...
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blue powerpoint templates for business
Blue, the color of the sky and the sea. It’s a color that conveys professionalism, sobriety, and coolness. It’s no wonder that it’s the #1 favorite color in the world. Blue is also the most used color for corporate identity, and this is not a coincidence. Blue is usually associated with authority, strength, and dependability....
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project kickoff January PowerPoint templates
New year, new templates! Our designers here at 24Slides have not let the holidays stop them. Here you’ll find our selection of the best free PowerPoint templates for January 2020. Don’t forget to check out our themed free PowerPoint templates! Even if they’re focused on themes that may not fit exactly your business, they’re more...
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best free powerpoint templates of the year 2019 marketing
Our designers here at 24Slides are already working on them, so 2020 will bring more and better templates. However, 2019 left us with some amazing templates that deserve their spotlight. These are the best, most popular free PowerPoint templates of each month. January Best Free PowerPoint Templates Corporate PowerPoint Template Pack From the dozen templates...
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new year PowerPoint template
2020 is almost here! But first, it’s time to say goodbye to 2019. And what better way to do it than with this amazing PowerPoint template? This presentation template for New Year will help you give a nice closure to this year, and set new goals and objectives for the future.  New Year is a...
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christmas PowerPoint template
Who doesn’t love Christmas? The food, the presents, the decorations… But it can still be a busy time of the year for businesses. Whether you need to share a new holiday campaign, or just want to wish your team a good holiday season, our free Christmas PowerPoint Template will make your presentation truly unique.   This...
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december free powerpoint templates
The end of the year is already upon us. But before 2020 begins, our designers here at 24Slides have even more amazing templates to offer. From general reports for every type of company to more specific business tools, we got you covered! Our designers have also been working in some beautiful themed PowerPoint templates for...
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