Infographic: Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what things all successful entrepreneurs have in common? What makes them so special? Check this Infographic of the 9 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Two sides of the same coin

There’s a lot of talk about what makes a business really successful. And most people can agree that the traits the entrepreneur on charge can play a pretty important role. However, answers to what really is a successful entrepreneur and what are their traits are so varying, it’s hard to even know what an entrepreneur is. By the way people talk about them, it might seem they’re modern-day superheroes.

They have to have such a wide set of characteristics and virtues, that it doesn’t even seem possible that one person may have them all. Every list says things like take risks, be flexible, be creative, be decisive, network, work on yourself, be goal-oriented, be optimistic, be disciplined, take decisions carefully, think twice, use technology, innovate… It’s too much!

That’s why in this infographic, we have paired up the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Even if these may seem at odds, these traits actually complement each other, like two sides of the same coin. Being open-minded doesn’t mean forgetting about traditional ways to do things. Being able to take risks doesn’t mean being reckless.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it’s too easy to take too much to the heart oversimplistic affirmations of what are the traits of successful entrepreneurs. But these have to be nuanced. They have to be applied to concrete situations and in realistic ways.

All these characteristics of successful entrepreneurs don’t really contradict each other. Rather, they nuance themselves, and help avoid extremes.


There is no easy answer

The truth is, there is no easy road to a successful business. A formula that works well enough for one, might not work at all for others. Having the traits of a successful entrepreneur is important, that is true. But it’s also important to have a good idea to start with, and good timing that allows it to thrive. The will power and effort you put into an idea to make it work is important but it’s not the only factor that will determine the success or fail of a business.

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