How to Choose Asset Management Software for Your Business

Business sales team rely on different content types for each phase of the sales process. From customer prospecting to closing the deal and everything in between, a sales representative will call upon email templates, online product presentation slides and making a sales pitch in person. For all these sales activities, there are established business assets all salespersons have access to. The bigger the organisation, the more structured the sales process is. However, a common problem often arises; finding the correct slide presentation or product sales presentation when you need it. To solve this problem and to ensure there is a central depository for all sales assets, businesses turn to asset management software.

The benefits of using asset management software to maintain a slide library

An efficient sales process allows sales personnel to access all the sales assets they need to close a sale. Having a central depository of all sales assets streamlines the process of locating and applying the documents or presentation slides to their pitch. Ease of access saves time and helps your sales team focus on delivering their pitches, instead of wasting time finding the slide presentation they need. Using an asset management system therefore, offers the following benefits:

  • Makes content easily accessible, saving time.
  • Centralises all content in a single location, making it accessible to the sales team and ensuring a consistent sales process.
  • Ensures content updates are made swiftly and that sales personnel have the most up to date content.
  • Allows tracking of content for engagement and effectiveness.

The use of asset management software to maintain a slide library is therefore a great business investment that will reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the effectiveness of your sales teams.

Things to consider when assessing asset management software

As more companies realise the need to invest in sales enablement software, the number of companies offering this service has increased to meet the rising demand. The products from the companies operating in this space are all different, so how do you choose the best product for you? You should consider:

  • Ability to track your content assets.
  • Search functionality to search for specific assets by name or other parameter.
  • Integration with your CRM system.
  • Engagement analytics.
  • Ease of use and user interface.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Additional features.

A brief introduction to 4 top asset management software systems

Of all the asset management software available on the market today, we love these four. They are:

  • HighSpot
  • Templafy
  • Brainshark
  • ClearSlide

We have chosen to evaluate the four software products above because they have the features which we believe are ideal for creating and managing a slide library. The assessment of each program will touch on the features mentioned in the previous section. Each of these asset management software systems may have other capabilities but this article will largely focus on the slide library and asset management function.


Highspot is a sales enablement platform connecting sales personnel to the content they require for every phase of a sales cycle. The platform offers flexibility when it comes to pitching and selling. When content is delivered online e.g. via email, the platform offers trackability via customer engagement metrics. Analytics offer feedback, and allows content and pitches to be tweaked and optimised to achieve desired conversion results.

Although the product is composed of five modules, namely content, pitches, analytics, integration and intelligence, we will focus on the content module. The content module is for the creation and management of sales content, the focus of this article.

Typical features of the content module include the following:

  • CRM integration – access Highspot content directly from within Salesforce.
  • Browse and filter sales content by type, category or product.
  • Semantic search algorithm ensures the right presentation slide or case study is only a few keystrokes away.
  • Cloud file sharing integration to help sales personnel manage slides from anywhere.
  • Create, deliver and modify pitch from a single dashboard.

The user interface is pretty straightforward. Highspot uses a system of sidebars to organise information, including storing favourites. Navigation through the system is intuitive and sales personnel can use the search facility to locate the documents or presentation they require.


If you are looking for a way to manage your sales and marketing assets efficiently, Templafy is the way to go. The asset management software has been designed to solve one problem only. A business with a large team of sales personnel may find it a challenge to ensure the sales presentations slides and other communications follow consistent branding. With Templafy, this problem goes away. Templafy allows your business and users to create and brand new slide presentations, store and retrieve existing documents with ease. Above all, corporate or brand identity is protected. Other features include the following:

  • Document security due to an admin system which allows access levels to different people based on roles.
  • All documents are branded, ensuring the corporate brand identity is maintained.
  • A cloud-based resource where slides are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Single source of sales and marketing collateral makes preparing for sales meeting and pitches a faster process.
  • Integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and other Office applications.

As far as asset management is concerned, Templafy delivers just that. Unlike the other systems under consideration in this article, asset performance tracking and engagement analytics are not available with Templafy.


The most popular sales asset management software in the list under review is Brainshark. Brainshark provides sales teams with the tools they need to create content that engages their audience, reduces the sales cycle and helps sales personnel to close more sales. The content creation and storage aspect of the system is just a component of a full-featured sales enablement service. Some of the key features of the Brainshark asset management software are:

  • Quickly create multimedia sales assets to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Use the content portal as a central storage of all your presentation slides and other marketing collateral.
  • Share presentations as links via email or social media, embedded to your website or blog, or publish on YouTube.
  • Track and analyse how your presentation and videos are performing via the analytics dashboard.
  • Available on mobile devices which increases the reach of your sales and marketing efforts.

Brainshark is also a great tool for training new sales staff and coaching or educating your clients as part of the sales cycle.


ClearSlide’s Sales Content Library is a solution designed to solve the problem many sales teams have, multiple copies of sales presentation slides with no measure of effectiveness in place. A cloud-based content library is a resource your sales team can call upon, whatever stage of the sales process they are in. From preparing for an initial meeting or closing the sale, your team have all the presentation slide assets they need, exactly when they need them.

The main features of the Sales Content Library include:

  • Detailed slide-by-slide content analytics.
  • Content tracking and analytics.
  • Single content library with integration with third party storage and CRM systems.
  • Content control allows management to segment content by sales stage etc.
  • Video library.

The ClearSlide interface is simple to navigate. The folks at ClearSlide have made it easy and uncluttered, making all the different modules easily accessible. As far as asset management and accessibility goes, ClearSlide’s Sales Content Library offers the most convenient interface and featured-loaded platform.

Managing your presentation slide library

This article has introduced you to digital asset management software as used in sales and marketing. The focus of this article was on one aspect of asset management, the storage of sales presentation slides. We have also covered what you need to consider when choosing an asset management software, as well as reviewing four of the top asset management services. Your needs as an organization will be unique and this article shows you some of the key benefits you will enjoy if you make an investment in a digital asset management system.