Christmas Themed PowerPoint Presentation Design

Christmas Themed PowerPoint Presentation Design

Christmas for most people is synonymous with joy and happiness. You can blame it on consumerism or Hollywood but let’s face it, very few of us can resist the season’s charms. So, why not factor this into your next powerpoint presentation?

Trigger subconscious positive emotions in your audience with just a few simple festive tweaks. The trick is to avoid getting carried away on the artwork and keeping the focus on a professional delivery style.

The road to creating a successful Christmas Presentation Design


In this presentation we’re using a stylish-corporate look for each slide. There is a thin line between cheesy and classy – too much decoration could go against you! Stick with clean Christmas inspired icons, minimal illustration and a straightforward layout.


To accommodate the Stylish-Corporate look, we prefer going with a basic layout accompanied by neat arrangement to give that professional feel. A sprig of holly here and a Christmas ornament there will liven up the overall picture while remaining tasteful. The key is to subtly incorporate the Christmas spirit to your presentation design without dominating it.

Color Choices

We’re using Red and Green to a White backdrop to capture that Christmasy atmosphere. Using bright green as an accent and gradients of red automatically ties in with our merry theme. It’s a great way to highlight key points while reducing the element of ‘seriousness’ from our presentation.


Since we’re going for the corporate look, we decided to use a clean and serious font choice for both Header and Body texts. Again our colour choices and artwork will keep our Christmas themed presentation from appearing to austere. It’s best to avoid a funky font if you want your audience to pay attention to the content.

Whatever your industry or audience culture, adding a little Christmas flair to your presentation design is a smart move. The festive colors and icons will have a happy effect on your audience and put them in a better mood for listening. Avoid cluttering your slides and stick to a basic layout to maintain that professional look.

We guarantee that you’ll have as much fun putting your festive-inspired presentation together as your audience will have during its delivery!

Download Christmas themed powerpoint template